How to harvest, Trim, and Cure your marijuana

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  1. right on bro, my temps are still to high combined with not enough air flow combined with limited penetration of light is progressively giving me yellow and dry leave's from those little shadow pockets, my pro mix in 5 gal grow bag get's takin outside as of may and they green up and flower today is harvest day for two plants. But i still have not sent any indoor photo P plants into flower as of yet.

  2. Bro Help ! i have experimental outdoor pot plant that i planted in April.i didnt have time to water it properly so she is behind.she still have white tricomes and looks like it will never get milky and darker !! its late October and temp is going until 0 c !! maybe because cold weather she cant finish ? what do you suggest i do ? put her inside the house close to window and wait ?

  3. Hey man I watch ur videos all the time. And ur. Video for the ph coco. 5.8 help me nurse a dying gsc cookies that yielded a qp my question is Where i live my humility dropped. Long story short. At the beginning when I started curing. Some of my buds Was still moist. So I took em out n put em in a. Brown paper bag some was good some over dried the question I have if I rehydrate the buds. Can I Save my cure or it doesn’t matter if I rehydrate my bud will it still have that chlorophyll tastes it smokable. It’s nothing too harsh. But i have a hug yield that I don’t wanna tasting like nothing smelling like hay

  4. how man what if u need to go on vacation for 20 days right after you chop down the plants. What is the trick? can u dry its for 20 days by leaving everything on including the big leafs? and will boveda 62% humdity packs help bring back the moisture when returning 20 days later and then continue the jar cure? or what ideas you got? This is a good video to make man because its pretty useful info

  5. Nice plants man, frosty! I would say hold the nugs by the stem because rolling it around in your finger a lot gets the THC all off of it onto your fingers. To get rid of hiccups, ya gotta have someone scare the sh*t out of you. lol. Seriously though, Ive never seen that not work. Works every time, I do it to my little bro last week at least twice, works like a champ. My old elementary teacher taught us, its always worked man!

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