Can I Re-Veg a flowered and harvested marijuana plant

I made a mistake when I harvested my latest weed plant. I cut it back to far. Growing weed indoors 2015 All I have left is the stalk, the …


  1. Yeah I did this plenty of times many years ago it's good because you have already established a big root ball and all the food and juices are going into that little tiny bud that you have and it will grow

  2. (NEED HELP) Im a first time grower and I ran into a small mildew issue 27 days in, so I mixed a solution of baking soda, veg oil, and a drop of soap like some videos suggested and now my leafs on the new growth are curled just a little bit and had turned whitish what could be the problem?

  3. My opinion on this plant is that since you have done this that it will come back but you mite of stress it out to much and when it does grow back it will turn into a hermaphrodite

  4. This happened to me, I just decided to leave it outside to see what would happen (plant seemed pretty dead and nearly pale)…..over half a year to the next spring I checked on it and somehow a shall group of leaves had blossomed out…sounds like bs but I was surprised af to find it as more than just a twig.

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