Dennis Hill- a Bio chemist kills his Prostate cancer using cannabis oil talks about endo-canabinoids

Dennis Hill, a biochemist from the cancer industry, kills his own advanced stage prostate cancer using marijuana. The concentrated cannabis oil, aka “rick …


  1. Dennis was great. To bad the male announcer felt the need to constantly get of topic with his woes of personal persecution.
    I'm following in your footsteps Dennis!👍.

  2. pancreas and liver disease here. I have smoked the plant for 34 yrs. RSO oil has helped but the oil is so disruptive for my digestive tract. I also have no GALL bladder. in heLL….

  3. once the cannabanoid attaches to the cancer cell, it opens its door with its cb1 or cb2 receptor. then it creates ceramide and inserts it into the cell. it seeks and dismantles the mitochondria of the cell and the cancer cell dies from the inside out. this is called apoptotic effect. cancer cell suicide. tell this to your doctor, cause he wouldnt have a clue.

  4. unable to find a legitimate cannabis oil product any where and I live in Colorado . There are lots of scammers trying to pass of hemp oil as a cure for many things and you might as well be drinking pepsi for the good this does

  5. Here in Canada…we ALSO refer to it as Cannabis Oil……NOT "hemp oil". It seems Rick Simpson for some reason just decided to call his mix hemp oil. It's too bad because he's inadvertently caused a fair bit of confusion. Many people are buying "hemp SEED oil"….which you can buy at most grocery stores….but it has virtually NO cannabinoids present. Anyway….the effective oil is CANNABIS oil extract. Same here as in the USA. Thanks. ~KK

  6. what a fascinating interview. the stoned idiot asking questions though is beyond unbearable to listen to, what a fng idiot. asks questions and wont even let the guy answer them. at least the lady saves it from time to time.

  7. I pass the good word of cannabis oil. Last night in an Escondido restaurant  I asked our waiter if he had heard that cannabis oil cures cancer & he said a girlfriend of his was diagnosed with leukemia & treated it with cannabis leaf JUICING & an alkaline diet high in anti oxidants with absolutely no chemo/radiation. 8-12 mo's later she was cancer free !

  8. i was told that the best strain to use is the indica strain marijuana. however every dealer i speak to doesnt know the difference. so how do i purchase indica strain if no dealer knows how to identify it ?

    what would happen if i purchase marjuana from a dealer which is a hybrid strain, or sativa strain or some other weak strain. would this not make as affective a oil as would have a indica strain ? would the oil be less affective to cure cancer in that case.

    any idea where to get the best marijuana strain from, most dealers here in u.k. only sell weak hybrids i guess…

  9. I mix the oil with my MSM lotion. I use it on my face. I also eat a little of the oil before bed. I've noticed a huge difference in my complexion and emotionally. I'm no longer depressed. I wake happy, instead of sad. I also have Lichen Sclerosus. It's not fun. If it weren't for the C-Oil, I would really be a mess!

  10. The oil can be purchased in California,Or, Co
    Rick Simpson clearly states "make your own or have close friend do it"
    Too many people selling inferior oils for profit!
    I would and I have helped people in Ca. for no profit!
    You have to come to California for a few months!
    what have you got to lose?

  11. I have prostate cancer and I use the cannabis extract (Simpson Oil) as a suppository. I tried to just eat it, but it wasn't working. I decided that my prostate was a finger away from my exit only so I decided to move the extract closer to my cancer. I have noticed a change for the positive. The strange feelings that I was experiencing in my groin have gone away.

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