First Cannabis Grow – Weeks 1-3 – Indoor Hydroponic Marijuana

Join me for my first cannabis growing journey – from seed to harvest! Episode 1 documents the first 3 weeks of plant growth – from seed to small plant. Be sure to …


  1. JimmyB, great video. Thanks. A quick question if I may: Why didn't you move to large container (the orange one) straight away but increased size (like you would with soil)? Wouldn't it be possible to move straight there?

  2. So I started off with DWC recently and came across a bunch of issues. I recently started adding Cal-mag, Silica and Fulvic acid to my nutrient and all of a sudden my plants are going weird and leaves look very shiny and they sort of look very weak. Do you think I need to add silica, fulvic acid and cal-mag at seedling or for the first 2 weeks or 3 weeks?

  3. Thanks for the great videos. Curious how often you changed the water and added nutrients after moving the plant into the net cup/montepellier bottle. Do you do PH testing at that point too? trying to replicate week 1-3 at the moment haha. cheers.

  4. Did you just leave the rockwool cube in the container in the dark for 5 days without doing anything else???
    I left mine like that and it didnt grow up pass the rockwool. After a week I tore the rockwool open to find that it did sprout root but didnt grow and still had the shell….. it died 🙁

  5. Im growing my first weed plant right now because of this video. I did the growdan method like you except i added too much water which ended up rotting the seed and had mold on top of it. Luckily 1 seed grew and its still growing

  6. I'm new to all this…back in my day we just threw a seed out back and it grew beautiful. Times are a changing though. I have one question. What size net cup did you use or would you recommend?

  7. Lots of new grower mistakes! Takes research. Personally if i was a new grower and i seen this comment I would not use this method. It does work but there are more effective informed videos. But it took this guy time making this video and he is spreading awareness for the good of humanity! So with that being said overall. Good job man!

  8. I am incredibly impressed that you are starting with hydroponics for your first grow. You need to check this plant daily, just in case, because even small errors can be fatal in the early stages of growth 😮

    In a way, I think of soil growing to a plant, the same way humans intake nutrients slowly, through the stomach and digestive tract. You could compare hydro growing, to shooting nutrients through an IV line. Very quick but you need to watch the young patient closely for any changes.
    Hope that makes sense 😄 soon you'll be a pro.

  9. actually you have a very poor rooting. you need to start them seed in a 4×4 cube and don't stick in in water and water it from the top . Let the tap root grow out the bottom and get air pruned this will make your tap root branch out and let them roots air prone do this till you have a very large root mass, once this has happen put it in a bigger container more root = more water and nutrient uptake which means bigger plants and bigger buds,

  10. Super cool! Missouri just adapted medical cannabis so I plan on cultivating it here very soon! I have subscribed because I plan on going the deep water culture route so I plan on learning from your channel!

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