Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom Talks Marijuana Legalization in California | Billboard

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  1. Guy was banging his best friends wife while married to a beautiful woman. What a cock hound. These liberals are ruining California. That's why decent people are leaving in droves to other more conservative states. You idiots want or guns? Come and take them. His current wife, his best friends ex, is not the first lady of California, she's the first mistress…

  2. Freedom is guaranteed to us by our constitution yet Gavin is just like all the other libs only in it for the money he’ll crap all over our second amendment while holding the border doors open for illegal aliens ya he’s just what this place deserves I’m getting out of here and not going to look back it’s shameful

  3. Allow the people to take a substance which diminishes cognitive ability and stifles one's ambitions. Makes it easier to control the population.

  4. If the people of CA are stupid enough to elect a Charlatan like Newsom then they get what they deserve.
    He is a completed fraud, a Mountebank, a Witch Doctor, and a Fascist to boot. He will take away as many of your freedoms as he can. His only interest is gaining and gathering power and money to run as President someday soon. He cares nothing about the people of CA.
    You can expect a visit from jackbooted thugs in the form of your local police.
    He intends to take away your 1st, 2nd & 4th Amendment rights.

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