What is the Best and Quickest Way to Clone Cannabis Plants?

Welcome to the Propagation Races! I attempt to propagate a number of cuttings in different ways to see what is the best way to clone cannabis plants.


  1. I've read nitrogen can inhibit root growth. Reducing nitrogen to your mother plant before taking cuttings was even recommended. Perhaps this explains the poor result of the cutting in nutrients. Great video.

  2. Excellent Research. Thank you for doing that. I have grown in a transparent water bottle but the results were bad. I believe since you used a glass jar, the results were better. I'm going to try this. Thank you.

  3. I have 5 clones in water, it's been 3 weeks, they are all green and healthy but i didn't have root on any of them, how long it's going to take? any help?

  4. it start with a warning. I live in Canada. Leagal here. WOO! i just want to grow the plant beause i like growing plants. my brother in law would be smocking it tough. perfect for christmas present.

  5. Ive had alot of success rooting in water in transparent jar but have had a hard time transplanting, id like to see a video on how when where.. ect…. youd do that.
    Awsome work 5stars +++ 🍒

  6. God dammn bro I just can't believe how u did that what else did u do behind the scene… Lol 😆 just with water 💦 that's crazy I use cloning solutions and other shit
    Nice video I'ma try this out and this better work my friend

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