Zimbabwe Legalizes Marijuana Starting an African Weed Race

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  1. These countries are being taken advantage of their climate and rich soil to so that the big companies around the world to license it not one African countries will rebuild if we don't invest into our countries brothers and sisters

  2. Zimbabwe has just legalized growing marijuana for medicinal and research purposes — and several other African governments are considering tapping into the lucrative natural resource too.
    More than 100,000 tons of cannabis are produced on the continent each year, 10 times the amount reported a decade ago according to a UN survey, which advocates believe could be worth trillions of dollars in a rapidly expanding global market for legal weed and release many African nations from European debt in the process.
    Until recently African governments had not yet followed the trend of legalization seen in Europe and the Americas. However last year, Lesotho became the continent's first country to offer legal licenses to grow marijuana, signaling a wider shift toward more liberal policies. Not to mention the 65000 products that hemp industry can create and the entrepreneurial investments therein.
    From Morocco to South Africa, there is growing interest in cashing in on a valuable crop! Lesotho
    The tiny, landlocked nation has few natural resources. But Lesotho is a giant of the marijuana trade.
    "Cannabis is grown almost everywhere in the country," a UNESCO report found, noting the industry is a leading contributor to the economy in a country plagued by poverty. Much of this comes through illicit trade with Lesotho's larger, richer neighbor, South Africa.The government has now signaled its intentions to bring the business out of the shadows by awarding the first license for cultivation and sale to South African alternative medicine company Verve Dynamics. Zimbabwe
    The southern African country has become the second nation on the continent to legalize the production of marijuana for scientific and medicinal use.Known locally as "mbanje," Zimbabweans can now apply for a license to cultivate marijuana.Previously, possessing, growing or using cannabis in Zimbabwe was illegal, and could come with sentences of up to 12 years in jail.The renewable license permits companies and individuals to produce marijuana for five years. Malawi
    Malawi is well known for the prevalence and quality of marijuana production within its borders, including the sought after "Malawi Gold" strain.The government is now cultivating hemp on a trial basis,Hemp textile investments are also a major focus of this nation! Ghana
    Ghanaians are heavy consumers of marijuana, according to the UNODC, which is prohibited but widely tolerated.A pro-legalization campaign has been gathering momentum in recent years, with support from the former head of the Narcotics Control Board. The movement recently received another boost when the executive director of the Ghana Standards Authority suggested that state-led cultivation and export of marijuana could generate valuable income in areas of cattle feed, pharmaceuticals and by expanding export of hemp foods to China!. Swaziland
    The continent's last absolute monarchy is plagued by poverty, but boasts an abundance of marijuana.
    Prominent public figures have suggested using the Hemp and canabis crop to boost the economy, including Swaziland's housing and development minister, while the national commissioner of police has called for a study.If this goes through the average citizen could see AN ANNUAL REVENUE INCREASE 30 TIMES THE CURRENT RATE! Several legal battles are ongoing over the future of Cannabis in South Africa. The Dagga Party won a landmark ruling this year to permit smoking in the home on privacy grounds, without changing the legal status of the herb.
    The so-called "dagga couple" Julian Stobbs and Myrtle Clarke are going further in seeking the right to grow and consume marijuana, which could establish a far-reaching precedent.
    The South African government has already published guidelines for medical marijuana, paving the way for legal licenses. Simultaneously hempcrete as a building material is expanding nationally with several world acknowledged building and housing projects including a community center showing the value of this highly sought resource! Some African countries continue to pay colonial tax to France 50 years after their independence. This system has been calledan abomination destined to keep African countries poor forever but hemp and cannabis have afforded these nations a loophole to build infrastructure and escape debt! France is not ready to move from that colonial system which puts about 500 billions dollars from Africa to its treasury year in year out. But creating an agricultural infrastructure with Hemp can insulate and keep profit and materials for wealth in these former colonies. By requiring as the US once did that all farmers farm Hemp on part of their land to support the nation the hemp could be used for thousands of infrastructure building projects including construction, health,clothing,and food supplies as well as cattle feed!Also French banks cannot request profit from cannabis as it is still illegal and would open the door for massive reforms in hemp and cannabis expansion they are unwilling to make

  3. Finally! Common sense, this is the road to prosperity, the products and the quality of these products will revolutionize Zim, and I am so proud of this president! A bold creative awesome move, Canada's GDP is off the charts because of Marijuana and it's time that Africa awake to a new dawn and a new era! If Zim will have me, I am coming!!

  4. too much attention placed on this topic. herb. weed. so what. if you smoke it, drink it, melt it, bake it, eat it raw… so what. that whole criminalization aspect is european and utilized specifically to implement incarceration as a mechanism for disarmament of a specific people, for a specific purpose. if black people were left alone as prophets, teachers, leaders, educators, cultivators, etc… and smoked there would still be an egypt, or kemet, or magii, or pharoah, and all the progressive percs that come with being gods chosen people. now, the mass industrialization of marijuana used by europeans is merely just what an ungodly people do. pervert naturality by stealin customs, duplicating them without respect for the purpose the creator has for them and misappropriating every component of why it exist. stealing others cultural practices with no regard or connection to why. that simple. then because it’s a essentially an african thing, defile it, transforming it from a godly act to criminal only if god’s are using it. not to mention mass production and doing the same with the holy herb as with all food which should be the same pure. gmo food and gmo weed… all created by who??? dope for legalizing tho… it’s a shot at our intelligence to place so much energy on weed. it’s a dam plant.

  5. They've legalized it for Medical and Scientific purposes which is great. For recreational use however there should be regulations to keep it entirely natural so that no harmful synthetics can make it into products as has happened in the west when people try to get overly creative.


  7. And a colonized Ghana whose government is looking for ways to industrialize – but could not be successful simply because it's waiting for pale people to help – could not be innovative like Zim to decriminalize this crop and start reaping the benefits – cash money, food, clothing, oil, medicine, building material and industrial material. Other benefits are no pesticides or huge irrigation or fertilizer is needed.
    With all the huge unemployment and the lack of money government departments are struggling with, only dumb "educated" officials can pass this by while going around with bowl in hand begging from European whom themselves are in a fix.

  8. books a ticket to Zimbabwe Hope the new government isn't as anti white as Mugabe was. Granted whites persecuted blacks for a long time but Mugabe kinda went too far with his revenge although he never went all genocide on whites like he did with some ethnic groups who were actually black.

  9. Great news. This is another revenue stream. The plant is hardy, unlike cotton and other commodities. This potential commodity has been demonized by powerful interests in the petroleum, pharmaceutical and cotton and rubber industries. This blessed plant can be a source of oils, textiles, and used for medical purposes. And, of course, wouldn’t it be great if it replaced alcohol as the recreational drug of choice and gave hospitals and communities a break from the damage caused by drinking?!

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