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hello frands! welcome back 2:08 for the tutorial/watch me vape 2:36 for me trying to do a french inhale 1:13 for me choking ♡ i adore you all for watching! thank …


  1. I never thought of doing it this way! I have dozens of TruPods I can revive this way. I've been refilling them for a couple of years, but have bunches I can get the last bit out of. Thanks! I learned something new.

  2. You have one big problem with refilling trulieve carts and true pod is when you start to use the concentrate out of the syringes the mouthpieces will get gummed up from the concentrate a lot quicker and you could be left with a cart full of concentrate and you can't even draw it out because it's completely clogged

  3. I get same results, but using a Hair Dryer . I can even aim at the inside of the mouth peace to "q-tip" the inside of the metal tip when I refill(I use/prefer 510 cartridges)… no messy water 🙂

  4. This is a very smart idea because it preserves the terpenes by not destroying them. using a hot water process i personally think is genius. The oil becomes easier to vape but retains the same flavor.

  5. I live in Bradenton Florida. I just recently applied for my card and will be going to see trulieve because of your reviews. Thank you for all the information. 👍😎💨🌪️🌩️

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