2 Chainz Schools Nancy Grace in a Debate over Marijuana Legalization.

DJ Akademiks speaks on 2 Chainz dismantling Nancy Grace in a Debate over Marijuana Legalization. Like my Page …


  1. How can she make that rediculous argument when alcohol is legal?!!! Any bad parent can give their 2 yr old a shot but who would argue that we should ban alcohol if that happened? Then there's the drunk driving, spousal abuse, broken homes, etc. ..😄

  2. One of the dumbest political stances that you could have is assuming the flood gates will open, and everyone will hop on the "bandwagon", simply because something (could literally be anything controversial, not just a specific substance) is decriminalized or legalized.

  3. wow. how are you going to invite someone to your show then be super disrespectful.
    what a fuckin bitch. CUTS people off and shit.
    She gets super loud criticism towards his parenting. Weed is not bad I don't smoke any more but jesus it's not quite bad fucking thing at all

  4. I used to be a smoker myself heavy for years & haven't now for many many years but thats just my own choice. I have nothing against it though. I feel like they could legalize it & that would be fine i'd vote for that but it would just need to of course have some laws like everything else. Like you can't go to work high AF just like you can't go to work drunk or hungover. You can't smoke in public places just like you can't walk down a street with a 40 ounce. Have to be of 18 or older. Normal drug laws.

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