21+only..PK BOOSTERS and additives for cannabis plants in flower

A look at some great products used for cannabis plants in the flowering phase.to donate to the channel go to for 10% off TNB …


  1. Nice video.
    Rezin from green planet I ran and really didn't rate that much in comparison to its competitors.

    Man Advanced nutrients split so many different things into separate bottles where they really don't need to be.. but I guess that's marketing.
    From advanced I rate the overdrive, big bug I've heard good things about and their base is good for Coco other than that alot of bottles. ✌🏼✌🏿🇬🇧

  2. i use lots of diff stuff aswell lots of dry amendments like bat poop fishmeal seaweed as a top mix.. i use them all diluted in water with every watering with canne vega and canna flora as main food with cal mag and PK booster as needed

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