4000 MG THC CANNABIS OIL! Beyond The Smash Ep. 2

21+ Educational Purposes Only** **Nothing For Sale** *This video and it’s statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, …


  1. Hay nug smash team the grilled cheese strain gave me a ideal 🤔! Take aluminium foil put sum flower dank , press it lightly not to smash it at 225d for 20 minutes. Decarb weed.🤤🥴

  2. Ok so I lost my id and had my husband get some weed for me …I told him to just get some sativa because I was going to bake some cookies or some chocolate bars… so he came back with a 28 g bag we spent just under $200 …It looked legit but after smoking I looked again and noticed it has 0.9 1 THC no CBD no CBD a only THCA my husband just spent $200 on some basil I’m so bummed right now ☹️

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