#574 A Question About A Light Error and Many Thanks and Praises!

In this episode I answer A Question About A Light Error and I Read Many Thanks and Praises! Support the show on Patreon!


  1. I fucking love gfyh.
    I also think some of the best episodes are with White Mike and Jeff, because they feed off each other's energy, so the episodes tend to be a little bit more funny, more laid back, and it really feels like I'm hanging with the dudes. Such personality on this Channel.
    Also, I'm thinking about workin on a design/piece of art and shooting it over to ya.

  2. Thanks for the video. Your dedication and sincerity comes through with every show I watch. From an active member of the Canadian armed forces, I thank you for the kind words.
    Stay Irie my friend.

  3. Growers and gaze!!!
    Everyone thinks I'm crazy when I stand there and "stare aimlessly at the plants". NO! actually I'm still workng. Nobody realizes this… every time I think I'm done hanging out with the little Green Children, I'll stare off into the plants canopy for a few minutes, and ALWAYS find one more thing to do, repeat, repeat, repeat…

  4. Thank you RJ for perfecting the light in your new green mine of infoπŸ‘. Now we can se your face great. Dont know why but i want to se a person in the eyes to feel involved. Thank you.πŸ™
    Respect from Viking-land πŸ‘Š πŸ‘

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