576 CBD Plants, Flushing, and A Weed Nerd Shoutout

In this episode I talk about CBD Plants, Flushing and I read a message from a fellow Weed Nerd. Support the show on Patreon!


  1. Grew Jesus Og this outdoor season…excellent burnage! Still got Ripped Bubba, Kaffir Lime, Dairy Queen, Dead Lights (cbd), and 2 more Jesus OG seeds. Looking to growing those in upcoming grows. Nice show braddah!

  2. So cute! I've been a listener for a long time. A bunch in Fall of 2015 and then started back about a year ago.

    But anyways, just watched your intro and it was so cool to see you smiling as you talked. Also im noticing you talk with your hands a lot. That's always a good sign in my opinion. That's one of the best signs of intelligence. You'll notice if you look for it. If you watch some physicists giving lectures or Terence McKenna. Watch some vids of him and he is really animated with his hands

  3. CANT WAIT TO GET SOME JACK THE RIPPER F2’s! Big Respect for carrying on Subs gear 👊🏻💚🌱By the time I started getting into growing and acquiring beans, I missed the whole subcool wave, I’m stoked to be able to get the chance to grow some of his beans. And excited to see what you make by mixing it with some of your genetics! Grower Love 💚

  4. Great video man. Now I’m questioning whether to flush based on ur how the plants convert the nutrients explanation (the snickers talk lol) makes quite a bit of sense. Would love it if one of the educated people would chime in on that.

  5. I can speak from personal experience of experimentation on 4 seperate harvest and 2 different strains. Not science just personal observation.
    Flushing organics before harvest isnt entirely necessary. I tend to get thicker ash and harsher smoke from less mature buds with less dry and cure times.
    The volume and frequency at which i fed didnt seem to affect the product as much as properly mature buds dried for atleast 10 days and jarred for atleast three weeks, at two weeks its still a thicker smoke.
    I grow all organic indoor and outdoor, use microbe and nutrient rich teas through out the entire grow. I have no experience with any other methods.
    I used to "flush" and dont anymore.

  6. Im so happy man! I got at least one seed of all the turtles of the tmnt line. Officially part of the irie army now. If your looking for pure cbd I have a friend that runs a company and can mail hemp flower or cbd extract.

  7. Jeff got to tell you my friend you made me smile and cry with the sub tribute cheers to the world of weed nerds i am yet another member of the gfyh podcast army and a subcool life member weed nerd fan

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