7-Year Old Treated with Medical Marijuana

“A 7-year-old girl suffering from leukemia is one of Oregon’s youngest medical marijuana patients. Her mother says she gives her daughter marijuana pills to …


  1. I worked for Erin Purchase and my daughter is friends with her daughter, but most importantly, her daughter is alive! Cannabis saves and you guys couldn't be more wrong.

  2. ["!XV5Cl2zhfdXPNuNEKlRb6SAE4g4CAAAAnVIAAAAIKgEfDHXMGP8qo3sxYy0_Jutqp_y4JT3HrdWFpwVuH_fHqmVj8ngCpjPkCBfbUxwzx0ZuEcxtVH95tGE8CsuujlQlNK9Q17HDDaXmB5biI89NAngiIct9APAS832ivFlxzrMtb8XYSg0yB-ADEfABnVL5_k6v41yM4NozwnOOTHDAWlu7eK6yN62q20AxR6MbHJsYOXGG37wNmOev2tyQG7FvmPTO_Z2aIauy_MgCQ5yeJhYynLBgbArozkNEXkD11LxRYYNshz5PWzK1BDGtvb1NuT_lLkKP2_GbJ-WThuqbw30nsBLkEpcfciWUHdpMq2OjZuuOlTNoqPO4FepiMyvHXGBRveBvbHcsWShXwAgS-gP9EMC6OmtuTbGpxys36FY","They act like it's so bad because she takes THC levels equivalent to ten joints and then they keep saying that she should be taking a "safer amount". There is no safe amount with Marijuana. You can't overdose from marijuana and it doesn't damage you in any way. It only gets you stoned and zoned out, but there is no amount that is safe. It might not be good for a 7year old to be that stoned all the time, but it's not like she has to be spending any of her time doing important things. If she has leukemia than it is good that it is killing her pain. It would be far worse for a 7 year old to be taking opiates every day and get addicted and start having withdrawals, which is what would end up happening if she took pain pills to kill her pain instead.",[[[null,null,1]],null],false]

  3. Yes actually marijuana does kill skin cancer specifically c_b_d 1this one of the 421 chemicals in marijuana, yes it does it kill and attacks cancer cells. Yes I know beyond a shadow of a doubt because not only does the science support this all over the world, but I cured skin cancer on my mother by making what's called Rick simpson oil nothing would work doctors tried anything and the only time she was cancer free was with my oil treatment that we would apply topically everyday not only does marijuana (c_b_d 1) kill cancer cells but it also protects the healthy cells from being taken over by cancer cells. Cenk immediately dismissed that as ridiculous and that upset me because I thought he was more educated about marijuana but even liberal people who feel like they know a lot about marijuana still do not understand how amazing of a drug that it can actually be. But the 7 year old should obviously have lower levels of thc the psychoactive part of marijuana, and she should even have lower levels of the thc and high levels of cbd although it seems like this kid it taking it for pain.. rather like more widely excepted children marijuana cases that are cancer or epilepsy related

  4. You do not want to show the 7year old boy who has been guven drugs doctors for severe seizures at 16mos? Who got off 22 pills and now the seizures are gone, he us walking, he is now coming off benzos and the son is living an active life. Show that story and you are so stupid to act like marijuana is a drug. Poor journalism and paid to promote sheep thinking.

  5. You do not want to show the 7year old boy who has been guven drugs doctors for severe seizures at 16mos? Who got off 22 pills and now the seizures are gone, he us walking, he is now coming off benzos and the son is living an active life. Show that story and you are so stupid to act like marijuana is a drug. Poor journalism and paid to promote sheep thinking.

  6. TYT, you should be ashamed of yourselves for such a poorly informed, judgemental and ignorant portrayal of this story. Cannabis has already been shown to kill many varieties of cancer and the quantities she's taking, which you call "unacceptable", is required to kill the cancer effectively and a tolerance to the effects of THC can be built up by gradual dose increases. You should issue an immediate retraction on the "cannabis does not cure skin cancer". It does, it has and it is being proven at a greater level every day. So do you research and stop sounding like you are reading from the reefer madness agenda

  7. Young turks you are clueless do your research on cannabis before you open your mouth. Here i will help you go research rick simpson oil and also the phoenix five and then tell me cannabis does not cure cancers.

  8. Is it OK that a 7 year old gets chemotherapy? FACT: chemotherapy kills more people than it heals!!! this little girl is in remission dumb asses, your research is tainted with "Reefer Madness" propaganda get your fuckin facts straight! or take your video down! 
     I would rather have my child high on cannabis than give her chemotherapy any day!! 

  9. I was IV pushed morphine at a hospital when I had an abcess in my mouth the size of a baseball at the age of like 8 or 9. If that didn't make headlines then why is this? This is kindof stupid, they would have no problem giving this child hard drugs if she was in pain so whats the issue?

  10. Oil is what she take not "10 joints oh hell no" its a plant dumbfucks she's taking the oil eating it ..she dosent get it from her' boyfriend ' her husband actually didn't approve until her lukemia went into recession you guys seem like you just saw 7 year old smoke weed an the rest is just opinion

  11. Christ, like marihuana-use was this kids biggest problem – medicine is a field still in development, as someone with a healthy interest (and reading habits) into biology and biochemistry, the lack of insight into certain chemical compounds thats "labeled" medicine, is getting more and more apparent, just look at drug trials, its basically a gravestone count that decides whether a compound has good effects or not.. – and ofc the moment anyone can turn a profit on anything, everything else just tends to follow – just look how kids in the US are high on amphetamine at that very same 7 year of age because the indoctrinal system is failing..

  12. No one has ever overdosed, died, because of marijuana use….however it does sound like the parents are doing their damnedest to test that theory. The kid has leukemia. Personally, I think most treatments for cancer are barbaric at best, and anything that improve your appetite and reduce anxiety should be welcomed, especially if there is less likelihood of overdosing on the substance.    However, TYT did do a video talking about the cancer benefits of marijuana:  v=YBuWKiN3fMI   So it's still a trial and error kind of situation.

  13. There are actually many cancer patients that credit their remission (and recovery from chemo) solely on marijuana.  You guys always say to look it up… so look it up.  I know I definitely put a lot of stock into what you guys say, and I'm sure other people do too.  Any other time I wouldn't care, but with such an important issue it could be really damaging to have such a credible source state something that could be (and is probably very likely to be) disproven. 

  14. omg fuckin government propaganda everywhere, fuck this planet seriously, fuckin idiots, equivalent to smoking 10 joints? lol the damn kid is not smokin it for goodness sakes, its the cannabinoid content in the oil that can cure cancer. REALIZE THIS POWER WILL ALWAYS GET HUNGRIER, WE ARE SLAVES TO THEM IN A MODERN WAY BY FEEDING US SHIT, SCIENCE AND MOST MEDICINE IS TO BENEFIT ORGANIZATIONS AND GIVE EM POWER, WHEN NATURE, MOTHER EARTH HAS MEDICINES FOR FREE. 

  15. Love your vids tyt.. but come on, her daughter is DYING marijana is harmless.for people who arent sick, whats the harm of trying it to save her daughter.. I hope she gets healthy and you make a video apologizing to this family

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  17. Like this guy thinks that the quantity of Marijuana given the little girl is too high yet works better than the dosage of radioactive chemo killing 7 out of 10 people who use it. How can he justify the dosage of safe Marijuana as something bad as compared to how bad Chemo is !. Dont these news readers know their facts ! or understand how bad chemo is ! ?. uninformed people ruin this subject and ruin the chances of people to correctly understand this properly.

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  19. You people need to forget about the medical marijuana how is the child doing. If the child is doing better than if the child wouldn't be on medical marijuana then the right thing is happening. There are lots of kids taking medication that they shouldn't or to much. The thing is you need to treat it like any other medication. The mother is just trying to medicate her child that's all. You wouldn't criticize a mother for giving her child Ritalin to calm it down.

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  23. I'm not dismissing the possibility of it having negative effects. I'm dismissing the non-peer-reviewed studies that say they have negative effects then immediately contradict themselves, while the actual peer-reviewed studies that have shown no negative effects.

    Like I said, if you have a peer-reviewed study that shows different, then just link it and I'll gladly look it up. I'm always glad to absorb new information. But since this is the third time I've asked, I'm assuming you don't have one.

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