710 Kingpen Vape – Product Review

Product Review of the 710 Kingpen Vape Pen LINK TO PRODUCT:


  1. 710 King Pen are the world's most awarded vape pens. A brand made for smokers by smokers. It was founded in 2014 by Greenwolf due to the absence of a pure, potent vape cartridge in the market. 710 King Pen has helped shape the industry by innovating the science and engineering behind the manufacturing process of the cannabis oil. Straightfire420 dispensary is proud to offer California's cannabis connoisseur as well as the newcomer several strain specific formulations crafted to perfection.


  2. My KINGPEN battery is the newer one. Its coated in black rubber with the name KINGPEN written down the side in red and it has the king logo. It comes with a cool charging cord that is magnetic and a nice box that stays shut magnetically as well. The pen goes from 3.3v to 3.7v and can be charged with your phone charger, and I got it for $20! Best pen for the price (2nd to none) and same goes for their oil and cartridges, right now I'm using the very newest version of their carts. The new carts don't have the small king face but instead have a giant king face that covers half the cartridge from top to bottom (looks cool👍). They are always improving their product, so it's no wonder they are the most awarded vape brand on the market! PS I got a 1 gram King louie KINGPEN cart for $10.00 on 420 amongst other deals they had going on for the holiday. I spent $75 & walked out with $145 worth of stuff!

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