Who is your daddy” is the first strain to appear at the DNA Genetics range of strains. Back then Don and Aaron didn’t know what to name their company! Now we …

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  1. 00:58 How DNA Genetics is going to maintain its positioning on the market?
    01:33 “The black market is still thriving in California. Or maybe even all over the world.”
    03:40 “Don and I just love weed.”
    04:49 Why exactly DNA Genetics is one of the best seed producing companies on the market right now?
    06:52 Aaron is about "Who is your daddy?" seed crop, how it is related to Jipsy Nirvana and what DNA means.
    10:20 The cannabis industry is more developed now than before. Why?
    12:19 How to become a partner of DNA Genetics?
    13:13 Aaron tells his secrets of seeds producing.
    14:25 Aaron thoughts on CBD/THC
    17:24 “People drink wine and they enjoy the taste of the wine. The same way I feel about cannabis. I want to enjoy the taste.”
    18:40 Aaron smoked with Oliver Stone and Willie Nelson. Is it true?
    20:03 Does DNA Genetics plan to organize any events?
    22:01 Education in the cannabis field. Is it possible? Does DNA genetics make any steps to provide it for customers?
    25:03 What is the strain Aaron can smoke down to the filter?
    30:18 About the positive and negative impact of cannabis.
    34:05 "Western medicine and western laws play a huge role in not letting traditional medicines take their place.”
    36:18 "Why keep it so illegal if it helps?"
    39:30 “You need people with cannabis experience growing cannabis. You need cannabis experience to grow cannabis.”
    41:15 About DNA Genetics experience with Herbies Seeds

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