Alaskan Ice, Part 8, 9 weeks flowering, marijuana indoor, HARVEST of Big Bang, Pakistan Valley

Thumbs up if you like it.. =) A couple of buds went missing in action last week, u know how it is.. hehe The taste was sweet and the smell even sweeter. Smells …


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  2. @7Totalinsanity On this grow i used four seeds.. If the seeds you have come from your own grow, and they were feminized to start with, your new seeds are feminized as well.. =)

  3. @TheSteezeSkaters No what i call regs is standards and it's always feminised nice weed
    what you're calling regs is what i call shit they haven't even bothered to sex the plants etc i pay £40 an oz for that bullshit and it's only good for cooking really

  4. @sfmara If you flower them without any vegging, probobly about 1 meter, but if you vegg them for seven weeks first they get twice as big, And if you top them they will get more bushy and not that tall.. =)

  5. @7kendo77 No pics I actually ended up taking them down because they were passing the light and getting burned up. I have a 4×3 hydro grow box and this is the second grow I had to get rid of because I couldnt stop them from growing, they were suppose to be blueberry from canada. They all were hermaphrodites(they almost died in the beginning) and they all had VERY TINY buds after a month of veg. and a month of flowering. What would cause the buds to be so small and not grow?

  6. @LetsBringIt My blueberry plants have been flowering for 4 weeks now and the buds are so small and no hairs, I never topped them at all. Do u have to top them for it to bud correctly?

  7. got a question , my plant is about 3 and a half feet tall and there are buds every where but they are tiny,i gave it 12 hrs daylight and 12 hours dark every day but i started growing it like mid feb, any idea whats up or if its stunted or whatever, any help is appreciated, its also starting to produce orange hairs.

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