Alcohol vs. Marijuana

A survey takes a new and startling look at alcohol. For more, click here:


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  2. How many people here drank before they even knew what "marijuana" was?? I know I did! What's the real gateway drug?? But if I had to choose I'd say, the BUD NOT THE BEER CUZ THE BUD MAKES ME WISER ( BUD-WISER) XD

  3. The point they are missing in this video is –  No substance disables all the senses like alcohol. 

    You can drive on pot, speed, cocaine and heroin but alcohol disables one's driving skills like no other substance.

  4. It honestly just depends on the child. The same way that it depends on an adult. But I would expect ANYBODY who accidentally takes marijuana as an adult OR child (who have never been exposed to a "high" before) to have increased anxiety due to the fact that they are not intending to be high. Most of it is just genetics though. I don't think any child should ever have THC exposed to them not because of anxiety issues, but because of the risk taken while their mind is developing.

  5. Where's your proof? Or are you a scientist who studies/breaks down the chemical compounds an how they will affect each individual? No? Cuz your argument is IRRELEVANT!

  6. i use marijuana because it's much safer than alcohol and any other drug. for me its not a gateway. but for some ppl anything can be a could be someone's gateway to cocaine or something else that makes them feel good. just because some people abuse marijuana doesn't mean the responsible ppl should not be allowed to used it..same goes with alcohol…and you spelled cocaine wrong btw…

  7. Think about this a child can accidentally get alcohol poisoning by drinking alcohol mixed drinks or sweet wines. Not to mention people who are allergic to alcohol. And this poison is sold on most common markets!

    Marijuana accidental intake only makes the child happy then sleepy.

  8. Why not both?
    I love mixing them.
    Alcohol makes you happy, and weed stops you from throwing up.
    Also from experience, you could not give two shits about anything. My friend was fucked up and trying to drive with 5 people in his car. Everybody was freaking out meanwhile I was in the back seat toking on a joint with beer in hand laughing my ass off at how scared they were.

  9. Theyre all unhealthy and physically harmful in their own way, just because alcohol is accepted and crack and meth arent. does not mean theyre any less harmful. alcohol has been around sincee before the 30s, and everybody did it then and everybody does it now. ergo for marijuana, alcohol wasnt legal at first, but everybody liked it and enjoyed it so eventually it was legalized despite its risks. i honestly think the same will happen to all narcotics eventually.

  10. How about referring to marijuana by its scientific name cannabis for a change. Marijuana was the name used to refer to cannabis thanks to Harry J. Anslinger in the 1930s who was one of the greatest racists in American history. I heard when he died, the devil turned him away from hell.

  11. Dont get me wrong, alcohol is bad in excess like any other drug, but try and take my beer away and i will hunt you like rambo. And I hardly ever get drunk. I drink without the need for an alcohol high all the time, but who smokes pot not to get stoned? And im not against pot smokers either. What im tryng to say is we need to focus on the individual, not the drug. Just like people trying to ban guns when the people are the problem, not the gun.

  12. if you dont like weed its fine, but other people think differently. some people like to have fun and get high, and if thats the way they're having fun, there is nothing wrong from it. weed is the safest drug to play around anyway, so i dont see why not? you dont like it, who cares? what do you do to have fun anyway? drinking milk? play scrabbles? whatever it is its fine! everyone has their way for having fun, so stop judging people!

  13. Medical use is pretty relevant. but your crying is kinda getting old, so we can talk about recreational use exclusively. As a recreational drug, its still safe and effective. It's not addictive like tobacco, it's can't poison users, like alcohol, I could say good things all day if I had enough characters. There's really nothing wrong with the cannabis plant, or any product of it.

  14. You recycle a lot of what you say, you won't get far with worn out, second hand arguements. And who's trying to make an emotional appeal? I'm stating the facts. Marijuana is safe and effective for medical use, along with recreational use

  15. that's usually how it is like for me. I feel like I could stop whenever i wanted to and have a few times just to give my body a break, but there are some people who get a mental addiction to it.

  16. Your body goes through physical changes when you do cocaine or heroin. I don't get cold and start vomiting if I don't smoke. In fact it has been almost a week and I feel perfectly normal.

  17. you smoked some ditch. if it was melting your lungs. Your parents would have fucked up either way. You are actually physically addicted to alcohol, the worst weed can be is emotionally or psychologically addictive. Oh! weed can be laced with other drugs.

  18. Lol you a wrong. If you can quote a legit source for that fact, I'll disprove it. Marijuana withdrawal includes everything from headaches to hot flashes. I would say it's scientifically proven but you've already used that line incorrectly 🙁

  19. You must be one of those angry teenagers on the internet right? Stop nitpicking arguments and grow up. Why you are so angry, I don't know. That bleach comment was cool though, did you learn that from a wannabe troll facebook page or something?

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