Alex Jones: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Alex Jones is known for pushing conspiracy theories, but he also spends a lot of time promoting his own products. John Oliver and a “doctor” “from” M.I.T. test out …


  1. @9:19 I just noticed the horrible photoshop of Alex Jones face on the "after" photo. Also, there's a bigger blunge on the pants in the after photo (which is a memory I wish I can scrub away with acid).

  2. Hey there stupid people. Google 2 things real quick.
    1. Atrazine frogs
    2. Atrazine in Water Tied to Hormonal Irregularities

    And then ask yourself who these people like john oliver are who deliberately hide that information and shame people for sharing it.

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  4. soo many people trying to defend jones here, laughable.

    and before someone comes saying: "well he was right about Epstein before that broke."

    no. no he didnt. Epstein was RE-arrested in 2019, the first reports of his crimes came out in late 2006 (with reports on him first being filed to the police in 2005) YEARS before jones ever reported on it.

  5. Mate I take one look at you and I say to myself what a dick and another thing jones videos have had over a billion hits and millions listen into him and you I’ve never heard of you

  6. John oliver is trying to hold Alex Jones accountable for making a show of crazy ideas for fun and just to think about of crazy shit. Wich is why the left is crazy taking jokes out of context and holding him accountable.

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