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  1. Wow. She didn't answer the question directly, whether the president must comply with a court order. These are important issues for America, whatever party you belong to. Most of the commets here are party-driven. That's missing the whole point, of what the US court is for and is based on, namely, impartiality. Good luck getting the health care you need, America, with Mrs. Coney Barrett in the supreme court.

  2. Elections have consequences. Republican President Trump picks a nominee, Republican controlled Senate confirms the nominee, and there is a new US Supreme Court Justice. Thus the US Constitution is followed, and the voters will is done. Wonderful.

  3. Anyone notice this VILE FRAUD commit PERJURY today? She claimed, Oct 15 2020, to be "unfamiliar" with ADF, a religious hate group which at her last confirmation in 2017 she told then Sen Franklin she received payments from them and that she knew about their radical agenda of criminalization of certain acts when she promoted and spoke publicly for them. It is part of the U.S. Senate Record. Her FELONIOUS EVASION today disqualifies her from citizenship and requires a Grand Jury! If done under war or in service of "a power hostile to the duly enacted bodies of federal and state governments" it would be a hanging offense, like former Major General Benedict Arnold. Go. Google that name. 1776.

  4. Senators say they are there to question Judge Barrett, but they spend 95% of the time grandstanding on one side or the other. We already know the tired talking points so why repeat them? Spend less time making 6th-grade-level speeches and more time doing the job you're there for. Ask real, non-loaded, non-political questions about the law and legal philosophy.

  5. Dems smear the legacy of JFK, Bobby Kennedy and the entire Kennedy family as they desperately attempt to smear ACB
    Voters will soon be able to tell the Dems what they think of this Disgusting behavior

  6. Amy failed the American people before starting her job. She knows this is not the wish of the people.
    But Republicans agenda she should be ashamed of knowing this is not serving the American people

  7. I used to think Jerome Bettis was the best thing to ever come out of Notre Dame.
    I was wrong!

    Chase Claypool may be better.

    Oh, both Amy Coney Barret, and her 'Originalist 'judicial philosophy is nothing but a intellectual and ethical fraud. I suppport her Notre Dame colleagues' letter to, 'stand down, but stand by'.

  8. Thank you. I am a conservative white woman and I know there is a hostile sentiment towards my ideologies. Being pro life, isn't the same as saying Anti choice. I believe we have huge books on Vehicle Codes but not a single law on abortion. It's because no one can ask those babies how it feels to be literally ripped apart. It's despicable and our ethical and moral fabric of society is broken. The fact that we were one vote away from partial birth abortions, should show the world how disgusting modern day American liberalism is.

  9. Senator Klobuchar, you apparently not aware that most major news media outlets are controlled by 4 major companies that have ties in dark money put in the pockets of political parties to push policies in their favor. News media outlets have become propaganda props to scare and control the American people. Biased News is fake news

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