Amy Coney Barrett's Supreme Court confirmation hearing, day 2

AmyConeyBarrett #SupremeCourt #ConfirmationHearings #SenateJudiciaryCommittee #SCOTUS The Senate Judiciary Committee convened Tuesday for the …


  1. Finally, pursuit to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness should apply from conception to death. Hopefully we sue to protect our children, it takes two to tango.

  2. Personally, I think any Supreme Court Nominee who evades a question or prefers not to answer a question like will you contribute to the next presidential transition being done peacefully isn’t suitable. I thought this was a democracy. The Supreme Court is supposed to provide a Balance of power to prevent the destruction of that Democracy. The suitable answer to those questions would have been, “I will use my seat to fulfill the wishes of this Democratic nation and preserve it.” They weren’t hard questions. For an honest person.

  3. Well maybe millions of African Americans shouldn't commit felonies and I think it's funny how they're only mentioning African-American who commit felonies why can't it just consist of Americans period what does african or Hispanic or Caucasian or anybody other race have to do with anything it's a disgrace it seems everything has to do with race an American is an American regardless of skin color

  4. I remember back in 1970 sister was forced to have a abortion at age 17 by my dad when she wa ted to habe the baby, my .om did not want the abortion either so he drove to penn. To have baby aborted. Soo so wrong.

  5. I‘m working for a company which is taking legal compliance very seriously. In the case of a customer stating publicly that he will only give a contract to someone who‘s willing to break the law and after that offering me a contract (even than without explicitly requesting me to break the law) I will have no choice. I would need to reject that contract and further more I need to forward that offer to my compliance officer for further action. If in that case I would have accepted that offer I will have implicitly accepted to break the law.
    So after multiple explicit public statements of the POTUS that he‘ll only accept a nominee that will help him to decide his cases to his favor at the Supreme Court there should be NO JUDGE accepting his nomination because he/she will implicitly accept the POTUS illegal attempt to decide in his favor. NO JUDGE having any remaining honor should accept that! I‘ll leave it up to you to decide what a tell it is if a judge does it anyway… Please think it over again, Mrs. Barrett.

  6. I will NEVER vote Democrat again after watching these hearing!! The democratic senators are blatantly discriminating against Barrett because of her religion! This is unreal and unnecessary. Congress can pass any law they want to, despite what the Supreme Court says! Don’t be fooled!

  7. Coney corn dog says she is not going to interpret the Constitution in modern terms; she says she is going to interpret it as the Founding Fathers saw it. The Founding Fathers called the Constitution a living document for a reason. Is she going to ignore the Amendments because they are not part of the Constitution? And I wonder how all you conservatives feel about tRump being cured with aborted fetus' stem cells in a drug developed during the Obama era? All the anti-abortion organizations are of course hypocritical saying that tRump didn't actually perform the abortion, so it is fine that he can benefit from the aborted fetal cells.

  8. I can’t trust anything that comes from this administration, lies after lies. Absentee ballots were already out! I voted and took it to the American embassy for safe delivery. Should be the people’s choice, not the corrupt GOP.

  9. Why does she need to introduce your Hatian daughter as a Starving Baby that you found! How humiliating for that child. Why could she not be introduced as just her daughter. Using an adopted childs tragedy for points on your character, really makes your point moot!

  10. Democrats! : Sen. k Harris, C Booker! A Blobuchar, D Durbin, R Blumenthal, P Leahy, D Feinstein! = liars! hoaxers! cheaters! thugs! criminals! America’s destroyers!

  11. I like Senator Klobuchar, very centrist on most issues(except RoeVsWade). She talks about policy and legislation intertwined, well shes right, its all connected even down to the street level… just thinking of George Floyd.. I would of preferred her over Biden as a presidential candidate… Not to be ..

  12. Senator Cornyn…. To his question.. The nine judges are suppose to represent society's best face(representatives) and offer up their best interpretation to the laws of the land…

  13. Matthew 7:24-25

    New King James Version

    Build on the Rock

    24 “Therefore whoever hears these sayings of Mine, and does them, I will liken him to a wise man who built his house on the rock: 25 and the rain descended, the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house; and it did not fall, for it was founded on the rock.

  14. Pure speculation on part of senator Leahy that the President specifically picked Barrett to assist in potential election fraud during and after the election. The democrats pulled a similar ruse during the Kavanaugh hearing, that he would assist the President if impeached… Nothing came of it…

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