AOC Wants to Work with Republicans on Cannabis Legalization

AOC Wants to Work with Republicans on Cannabis Legalization #AOC #BiPartisan #CannabisLegalization #CannabisPolitics #LetsTalkCannabisLMC …


  1. Well it's about time she might get a half a red star for trying( AZ REPUBLICANS FOR CANNABIS 20TRUMP20) ya I agree with you about its just a plant and to many people are locked up for a plant that's killed way less than alcohol in the U.S.

  2. What? Has Ms Cortez on Dope?!
    Why would They,when They Breath Blue in support of Cops get rich from The Drug War,created a Drug Czar,etc.,,!!!
    Thier Buddys in Blue are not wanting to Legalze it,cause it so stops Them from Thier forced searches over the smell of marijuana,etc.,does away with Thier favorite tactics of No Knock Warrants,etc.,
    I'd be very careful if anything coming from the REPUBLICANS. I don't trust in either Party!!! Look at what the Dems did with the Moore Act!!!

  3. She’d love nothing more than for everyone to stay home every day and get a wasted while receiving a living wage off of the tax payers dime.
    Hell na to AOC + her three comrades, weed isnt worth all the hell she would bring to the economy. Unless y’all like Venezuela. Smoke all the weed ya want and be so high who cares if we are living in a socialist country. These folks are called potheads for a reason, it has noting to do with medicinal use.

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