Arizer Extreme Q Review & How to Use – Best Desktop Vaporizer in 2020

Arizer Extreme Q How to use and review One of the best and most underrated devices on the market, …


  1. If I use this outside and then clean out all the weed before bringing it inside how bad would it smell just sitting in my room, is there a need for a case or some type of bag to contain smell. I have a pax and if it’s not in the case I have for it , it will stink up my room and my house eventually

  2. You can get the bundle set with multiple tools and accessories on creamcityvapes for $113!!!! Including tax!
    Just ordered mine after watching countless Information on it.
    I used discount code on vapospy purchased October 11th, for that price get it while you can. Saved $90 dollars. Plus they plant a tree with each purchase. Cheers everyone.

  3. I’m sold… you saved me at least $200 because I was tossing up this and the volcano but I’ve always used an Arizer Air and I loved it… I JUST NEED MOAR POWER!!!

  4. Hey thanks for the video. I am a 48 year old legal medical smoker. I prefer joints but 5 years ago threw out tobacco and really I am leaning away from dunes so was looking at this. I am old school so have a hard time with new things.

  5. My pot intake has gone down at least 85% since my purchase of the Q about 4 months ago. I didn't think it was possible for me to only vaporize as I'm set in my ways. I also thought there was was no way it could work as good as the Volcano.
    I was so wrong. Now I have an abundance of free pot if anyone needs.

  6. Hello first great review im going to buy one of these. But besides the health benefits im intrested in how it is affecting ur breath? Since i quit smoking cigarettes and usally dont smoke anything pass by a few months until i decide to enjoy some of the good ..for 3-4 weeks and i quit it again but after enjoying good stuff (bongsmoking) i feel like i need a oxygen tent from a few stairs bc im almost outta breath since im not used to smoke. Is vaping affecting ur breath also?

  7. Great vape! I've owned it for about 6 or 7 years now and have gone through periods of not using it but I always seem to come back, and it still works great! Although I haven't used the bag in years much prefer the whip personally, one suggestion from my experience with using the whip is to pack the screen in the elbow with the flower rather than packing the larger bowl, the glass pick tool provided works perfectly for this task. It seems to burn the flower much more efficiently and you can get some pretty major rips if that is what you are looking for. Anyways hope this helps any new extreme-q owners!

  8. are there any different mouthpieces for the bags that prevent smoke from pouring out? also what is the difference between the bowl used in the video and this ddave 18mm adapter people are mentioning in the comments. also what temperature are you using in the video and what would you recommend?

  9. Can someone please explane how these guys and lots others sell them from around $160-190 cad and the official Arizer site sells them for 349.99 plus taxes am I missing something here ?????? I'm looking into buying one and am really confused why the price jump buying from the company vs a 3rd party seller usually this situation is the othor way around

  10. I've had this vaporizer for over a year now and IMO the best preheat settings are 401 degrees and once you fill the bowl, leave it heating for 8 minutes before you turn on the fan and set the fan speed to 3. Reason is, it preheats all the trichomes and gets them ready to vaporize. It has always gotten me stoned no matter how shitty the bud is, i put some brown schwag in this bitch and preheated it and it did taste like shit but it still got me high as 2 kites

  11. If you're considering a tabletop vaporizer, do it! I owned a volcano for years, until it was stolen. You can take the leftovers from the vaporizer and use it for butter, the herb is already decarbed! It is very gentle in your lungs, it saves product, I could go on and on. If you get over how unconventional it is to smoke out of a bag, you'll absolutely love owning one.

  12. I've had my extreme q for years. My solo gen 1 has been retired due to battery death and the glass tube broke. Can't wait to use my extreme q again! I've been taking dabs lately

  13. I can only give you my own experience. I've been vaping for 40 years. I started off with a Vapor Brothers knockoff that was way cheaper then their overpriced machine and actually worked better then theirs because it had a digital temperature read out, instead of an about temperature read out! That same vaporizer is still working 40 years later. But, I decided to try some hand held ones. I started off with a cheap $30 one. It worked pretty well, but the mouth piece cracked after 1 month, and a new one was $12.00 + shipping. The next one was $120. I only had it 2 weeks, I wasn't even stoned yet, and I dropped it, and that was it for that machine. These hand held machines break really easy! Then I started doing some research. All vaporizers work the same way. You put some pot in a chamber and heat it to 330 F, and the stuff that gets you high turns into a vapor. The higher the temperature, the quicker this happens. Most vaporizers go fro, 330, to 430 F.

    At 430, you might just as well be smoking a joint, because the pot will burn. If you compare this machine to the Volcano it does what the Volcano does, and also works for an individual user, for 1/4 of the price, so I bought one.

    This machine gives you the best of both worlds. As a desk top model you won't be dropping it, because like the Volcano it can also use bags to collect the vapor that you can use, or pass around, and if you drop the bag, nothing breaks! So far, I'm really happy with this machine. I could see this machine lasting a long time, because it's built like a kitchen appliance. Think about that! How many times do you use your toaster oven, or microwave before you have to replace them? So if you are new to vaping I would recommend this machine, or any desktop model over a hand held one for your first buy. It may seem expensive, but it will probably last you a long time. And once you get one, do this. Take 1 oz of pot, weight it before smoking, and after. After vaping the whole oz, you will still have about 1 oz in that bag. But if you smoked that same oz in a joint, or pipe, there will be nothing in that bag except ash! It doesn't take any scientific study to see that vaping is way better for you then smoking.

  14. I love my extreme q. This came out a few days after I received it but I bet I would have watched this 30 times while I waited for shipping. To everyone out there, its 100 usd on amazon rn and it's the legit official arizer brand 2019 models.

  15. I didnt want to buy one cuz it looked cheesy ,like a vapexhale cobbled to an alarm clock. Needless to say, i bought a vapexhale,which is tipsy,and broke last week,cuz its a shitty design for a tabletop ,and i just ordered the extreme Q.

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