Arizona Catholic Church is WORRIED About Keeping Children “SAFE” from Cannabis Legalization

Let’s Talk Cannabis LMC – For Educational Purposes ONLY.


  1. Awe Screw the Catholic Church!!!
    Them and the Conservatives on both sides the Repub Retards and the Democrazies!!!
    Not talking about the Members of thier faith!!!
    But I'd worry more about a Child going to Your Church than a Child getting stoned!!!! My Common Law Wife,raised Catholic,agrees!!!
    And I'll say it for You so You don't get demonitized,screw China too Man!!!
    We should be paying Chinese Citizens to set fires in China's woodlands and pay them to assault the Chinese Communist Party Members!!!
    I care more about the views of the Mickey Mouse Club than I do the views of the Catholic Church, Conservatives or Politicians in General!!!
    The People voted for Legalization in Arizona,get the Church out of it remember, Separation of Church and State!!! Suck Off!!!
    Oh,Good Morning,LLC,Love Ya Bro!!!
    And to the Bros. and Sisters in Nebraska You Guys need to be out there raising all kinds of hell!!!

  2. alcohol is socially and morally acceptable….i mean they give wine to kids in catholic church WTF
    why the F cant cannabis use be socially and morally acceptable??? If weed is legalized it would be the best thing that could happen cause more people would be consuming weed drinks or other weed supplements instead of having to smoke it. you can not make safe cannabis supplements if its illegal

  3. Do these people know how terrible and addictive tobacco and alcohol is with zero benefits? Also cannabis is super easy to get in the black market they don’t care how old you are as long as you have the cash. Making it legal would just “bankrupt” the black market and they’ll stop selling it. So the only place u can buy it is from legit places, which require id, and if they wanna say “oh but they can just ask sumone older than them to do it” same with alcohol and tobacco stfu and give us what we want. Also LMC completely agree with the churches saying blah blah bullshit bullshit bullshit cannabis is bad for kids, what about all of your pedophiles? Is that good for kids???So hypocritical Jesus Christ!!

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