BIG Tobacco's Altria Doubling Down On Cannabis

Big Tobacco’s Altria is piling up cannabis technology patents, farms and businesses while they await federal legalization. Show Notes: Tobacco Giant Altria Is …


  1. I will NEVER buy from big tobacco, or any "big" company. It goes against cannabis culture. It might sound crazy, but I'm convinced that big tobacco will poison cannabis, so in 20-30 years they'll say how bad cannabis is for you. I know it sounds crazy, but I genuinely believe that. Fuck them

  2. The "cannabis wars" of the future will be fought in courtrooms and boardrooms. Plant patents are only one of the areas where "chokepoints" in the market will attract investment. You can be sure that Altria and their ilk will attempt to impose some of the same restrictions they now enjoy with tobacco: exception from the law. No listing of added ingredients, pesticide or herbicide residue, or other regulation by the FDA. ( That last may sound like an oxymoron, but real "medical" use will fall by the financial wayside, and the safety rules will only apply to medical reefer. ) Just watch.

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