Bigger Yields in Less Space – Complete Cannabis Training Guide

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  1. Hey guys just wanted to update you with some new info regarding the channel!

    First off, I started doing monthly giveaways on my discord that are completely free to join into! Prizes include grow equipment, nutrients, and other fun stuff. You can find details on it in the botm_contest_rules channel! Here is an invite link,

    Second off, if you guys have a minute, please report that Instagram account! It kills me that people are getting ripped off. The handle is @fromseedtostonedvip_ (it has around 2200 followers)

    Finally, don’t forget to like the video if you enjoyed! It’s the best way you can support the channel!

    Cheers everyone.

  2. He man love your chanel just started inside under the sp 3000, i wonder whats the amount of water that should be given for uptimal grow i growing in 13l pot and germinated whit paper toal metod there in soil 2 days now and keping the surfec moist but when it comes above ground homuch chould i water the first days up to….i realy looking for education

  3. I was gonna get some seeds from you but thanks for letting us know that ig account is bogus. It was kinda weird that they had the same seeds as mrcanucks had. But I’m gonna go with seedman as my seed bank since they started back allowing new accounts.

  4. Yo, I enjoy your videos brother. I just started cultivating and don't do social media but wanted to see how im doing so far by getting feedback… I'm not asking for you to grow my plants, your videos are helping me along the way, just want to show my progress to someone.

  5. I've gotten scammed for a lot of money on your Discord someone saying they were you they had the seed to stoned bought and everything so I thought it was 100% legit I thought I was getting a light off of you and some other things well obviously now I can't go get that light because I don't have that kind of money but it is what it is

  6. Hello my favorite grow channel. I'm in desperate need of some advice. My flowering plants are infested with fungus gnats and I've seen eggs by the hundreds on my leaves. I've tried natural options but to no success. What can I do? I would like to stay organic. Yours truly and at wits end, Sativa

  7. 'up to four plants' — Thanks for the chuckle, eh.

    I grew TEN autoflowers on my kitchen balcony this year.
    15 foot balcony, looking like a lush jungle, goddammit.
    The Canadian government can go fuck themselves with their four plant limit.
    I'm not looking to compete with the government's pre-approved drug dealers, nor am I looking to buy all of my smoke for the year from the government's pre-approved drug dealers.

    Thanks for the uploads, buddy.
    I don't grow indoors, but so much of the techniques and knowledge that you provide the viewer applies to an outdoor garden just the same.

  8. My favorite grow channel. Glad to see a new series of grow guides. I'm fixing to start my 3rd ever grow and these videos help! My first two grows weren't so good lol didn't have the equipment I do now so hopefully i get this next grow right!!

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