Bud rot mayhem.

Iv never seen bud rot so bad. I did the un-thinkable this year, for the first time ever. Disclaimer: If you are not 19+ years of age do not watch this channel. This is a …


  1. Feel for you man. Dealt with the same earlier., My question, what is the Bruce Banger from?? Just finished up with 2 of 6 Bruce Banners and crossed 1 bud with green crack pollen resulting in 52 seeds!!!

  2. You have some seriously wet conditions Groham. I was bragging about how we got it so good here in Central Ca, but we have higher humidity at night with morning dew and bud rot attacks here also. Not as bad as you got though. I feel for you, all that work and time.

  3. Just discovered your channel today, it’s a breath of fresh air in the grow community (that’s I’ve discovered so far.) thanks for sharing and the lessons. I live in the UK, so for mine and my family’s medicine I face prosecution. It’s a tough world out there at the moment for us. As you say, can’t stop, won’t stop. Liked and subbed.

  4. When you say about government, but you are still allowed to grow. Here in Europe where I live is still illegal. Nothing-zero.No even half a gram. So I grow illegal to.Few day ago I harvest to (outdoor),and I got the same fucking problem, mold. So I look every single plant in my garage and chop off everything I soo. I was cutting off some of my best looking buds.I was so angry. So I lose a lot of it.First I had a golf ball hail in middle of August who really beats my plants and I was thinking that that is the end, but they survive and now mold.This is worst case scenario…😟

  5. I definitely agree man, I grow 95% for others who need it, it should be free so I make sure it is for those in need In my community. Awesome job, don’t let the mold steal the spotlight, awesome work this year. Grow on my friend 😁✌🏻

  6. Sorry buddy,
    How long will the spores last in your compost pile?
    Can you continue to reinfest?
    Nice to hear you say something's on a personal level too.
    I get used to just taking in info & your knowledge that it was good to hear your human side.
    Keep growing…
    Just think of a few of the times when things just went right the entire grow & it was stress free & easy,
    Well, you will have more of those in the near future & you are never gonna feel so good as when it all goes good!!

  7. I almost gave this vid a thumbs down because all I could think of was bud rot.
    Came to my senses and gave it a like for spreading the anti gospel of St. Botrytis.
    The patron saint of hair pulling and foot stomping when you find bud rot.
    I'm super sorry to hear that man. Wish you were next door. You could try hash making but it's always best to kill and never look back. A buddy of mine said BC grows great mushrooms and nothing else. He's only half right. Great attitude tho. Keep growing! Plant counts suck but I've chosen to keep up a guerilla garden to augment the 4 plants on my patio.
    I know you'll get past this and 100% success WILL follow.🤟😎👍

  8. I feel your loss and at least you get to grow 4 in Manitoba we can't grow any unless on medical permit which has to many stipulations for poor people and those on disability

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