California Operation Eradicates 1.1 Million Marijuana Plants At 455 Illegal Grow Sites

More than 1.1 million marijuana plants at 455 grow sites up and down California have been eradicated under a campaign that state officials say is the nation’s …


  1. In the book, it says to defeat a superpower nation without using an army and going to a battle is to use unrestricted means of going to war like spreading a virus or epidemic/plague, data acquisition, AI and destroy their people with drugs/ opioid addiction. It says they want this nation undergo the same problem they had for centuries of which they had a hard time overcoming for a long time. Pay attention to NY and Cal.😏

  2. Someone has to destroy Marijuana plant. In my own opinion; it's not for mere reason to save people from using canabis but to push people on opioid. In CH PLA's book, Unrestricted Warfare, inorder to topple a strong wealthy nation is to destroy their own people through drugs and the most effective one is opioid. Least chances of withdrawal and alive. Bye Cal! You may rot in hell😭😭😭😭😭😭

  3. Finally good it's about damn time if the government wants to make its money when it comes to tax they need to crush every single illegal operation in the state of California and increase jail time and legitimate fines

  4. Weed needs to be federally legal and NOT taxed. We should be allowed to grow our own plants and not be punished for it. Even if it's legal here in CA, federally it's not, which is why anyone who smokes can't pass a drug test. Once I applied for a MINIMUM wage job and was ejected because I failed their drug test. Things need to change .

  5. Seems like taxes could go for something better. Cutting down plants doesn't seem like something that law enforcement should be doing!we've wasted enough money for on trying to stop drugs let's wake up it's something that the American public wants is drugs .we spend 80 billion dollars a year on oil .And we spend 150 billion a year on illegal drugs that's not including pharmaceutical drugs to get high. How many more years do we need to be repressed by city county state and government. I'm 60 years old and every since I can remember people are getting high. And how many more people must go through the courts and be repressed?

  6. This is about licensing. They want tax money from ppl selling and buying things from the earth. That’s like them trying to tell you, you can’t plant as many apples in your back yard as you’d like. Does that seem fair to you? Why do these ppl get to tell us how to live?

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