Can I Buy A Gun If I Have A Medical Marijuana Card?

In this video we will be going over the Federal Law that states why you are unable to purchase a firearm if you have an existing medical marijuana card. Per the …


  1. There is no rational reason that marijuana should be a Category 1 Scheduled narcotic in the first place. It is already accessible as medical and/or recreational in the majority of states in this country. There is already proposed legislation in the House that would do this.

  2. Medical marijuana has NOT been synthesisized at all. Synthetic marijuana (spice/k2) is synthetic weed, medical cannabis is grown, nothing fake or synthetic about it at all, even it is grown in a lab, it is an organic indoor grown product, nothing about medical marijuana is synthesized in a laboratory, nothing fake about it, it’s a PLANT! The University of Mississippi has had a federally funded growing operation for the last 50 YEARS! and it’s grown outdoors mostly, they do have some indoor plants growing!

  3. okay I have been doing a lot of research and at least in the state of Arizona there is a way to bypass the ATF or 4427 federal form simply buy purchasing and taking a concealed weapon permit class making you able to override the background check altogether. I have talked to many gun store owners about this and have been told by them that this is indeed true! I even have a link here with a list of states where this is also true , if your state is one of these then you are in luck !
    keep in mind in my personal opinion I believe everyone should take this class regardless if they are trying to avoid the background check if they are unfamiliar on how to use a firearm and when to use a firearm in self defense, the class is typically 6 hours with 3 hours of practice shooting included and roughly around 50-100$ good until 5 years depending on which state you live , again I am basing this off of my state Arizona, everyone be safe and use your guns wisely

  4. I'm wondering what else has this clause of not being able to own a gun in it? My concern is if our government is slowly and methodically and quietly removing firearms from us… They're doing this with our freedom of speech already. ONCE THEY'VE TAKEN AWAY BOTH WE ARE TRULY SCREWED!

  5. I purchased a card in 2017 but haven’t even smoked weed in over a year. It expired in 10/18. You think that they’ll allow me to get a firearm now? Man, fuck this weed/gun law!!

  6. So , say if you drop your card , if the next day if you go purchase a firearm ; you aren’t a card holder. So do you have to wait a certain amount of time or can you go purchase as soon as you drop your card ; also. What you if already own firearms and then you go get your card ?

  7. I found it even stranger that the description for MJ being mind altering. Most narcotics are more mind altering and cause a dependency that leads to addictions, also within this class of mind altering is alcohol, any alcoholic beverages soul purpose is to alter the state of person using it period! now if ATF is going to define and pick and choose what they feel is mind altering they had better tread very carefully. I see a challenge in a higher court one day soon that might have them sitting in front a congress covering their six at the expense of those in need being discriminated upon.

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