Can Smoking WEED Help You Lose Weight?

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  1. i was 55kg in china in 2018-2019 not smoking weed eating 3 times a day, now i smoke everyday now that i’m back in australia but i weigh 46kg only eating twice a day …. is this because of the weed?

  2. Honestly. I've been clean because of mental health reasons I wanted to heal from past trauma and learn about myself more. However when smoking weed I could lose weight easier. Now that I have good eating habits. When I start back smoking again, those munchies will definitely be fruit and healthy foods. No cut offs of sweets though❤

  3. I use to smoke weed and was constantly active and fit. when i quit i gained 60 pounds and im more lazy and unmotivated than ever. Can't wait till it is fully accepted in society including the workforce. Meaning i want to smoke at home and not have to worry about a surprise drug screen

  4. My brother doesn't work hardly anymore he likes the way around a lot and sit around a lot to he doesn't like exercising I tried to get him to exercise he just doesn't listen to me

  5. So I’ve been smoking for about 2 years now and I’ve lost so much weight, but weed also made me look at the world in a different approach to go outside and not be on my phone as much. I think that was making me lose weight. Lmk

  6. I know some real bad boy, bodybuilders, competition guys, and they smoke weed to train harder in the gym, before. So it may not work for me n you but others it will, some guys are too fit for it n theyre bodies cant take it so its all up to the person

  7. No because of the 3am Maccas runs. If you are able to fight the munchies off and regularly have 3-5 days without weed every fortnight, then you will 100% lose weight. Even though this is how I do it most of the time since i run out of money before the next pay, I still gain weight cause I go hard when i get the munchies and my stomach becomes and endless pit. But those 3-5 days without weed i usually lose about 3kg+ from not being able to eat.

  8. I weighed 100kg. Started smoking cigarettes and lost 10kg. Recently started weed (about 2 months ago) and now have lost another 10kg very quickly. All this within 1 year. I caught a bad cold recently and ended up bruising a rib from coughing so much. I'm worried I lost too much weight too quickly and will continue to do so. So now I have a dillema on how to 'cut down' – smokes or weed or both. I literally don't feel like eating at all.. and I work like a dog, walking around 10km per day.

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