Canada announces launch of marijuana legalization task force GLOBAL NEWS

Canada announces launch of marijuana legalization task force: Canada’s Minister of Justice and the Attorney General Jody Wilson-Raybould announced …


  1. They are taking this too seriously in my opinion, it can be legalized over night or by the stroke of a pen. Just legalize it, no regulations no task force, nothing. Essentially start treating it like Oregano, let it grow freely and let people do with it as they wish. Stupid unnecessary bureaucracy.

  2. it's a joke none of those making the laws know anything about pot and the so called experts cant find a study on the subject this is more about who will profit from it. that plant was there before mankind and will be there after. just make it legal and stop spending our taxes. put the gst on it directly toward the debt

  3. what an exciting time to be in gov. decades of preaching to us about the sick and reprehensible people that push drugs on us and are children, lieing to you about your money being used to fight the war on drugs when it was just being used to reduce the competition so it would be easier for the gov drug cartel to take over and endless statements about how evil it is to make money while destroying peoples lives with drugs.all that now has to be given a happy face. you and me now need to be re educated by are gov. drug pushers will become respectable people over night, the poison we were told they were pushing, no longer poison. I hope every one pays attention to how we will be treated like we are dumber than the gum stuck to your shoe.I can't wait to here how prohibition does not work for pot but works for the other drugs.and what do you want to bet that any pot kids end up with never have come form the gov, ever, and they will have proof of that. guess who is still busting people for pot while trudo is arranging how he is going to bring it in by the ton, this should be a wake up call to anyone that still doesn't know what the real sleaze balls look like.

  4. here we go again,the political side crap that stops progress. when will they pull their heads out of their asses and recognize that the large majority of canada is on board with making it legal,enough with the lies and deceptions. just legalize it and allow people to grow it for personal use. their issue is that the children have access to it,well it never stop me from getting anyway when i was 13,nothing has changed kids will get it wherever or however,the underground will be there to sell it to kids and make money,instead make it legal and so abundant that there will be no need for people to buy it off the streets or underground,you can get some from mom or dad and you know it's not laced with anything. kids will smoke it just like we did,and here we are some of us,are now professionals ,lawyer,doctors,accountants,police officers,mechanics,contractors,carpenters and so on,so what is wrong with pot,NOTHING except now the government see's it as a cash cow and want to raise the price and availability to us forcing us back to the underground and street dealers or breaking the law to grow our own safe marijuana. trudeau made a promise to canada,let's remind him one of the major reason's he got in and lean on him to do what he said he would do. it is up to the feds ,on the other hand we as canadians can plant the shit everywhere we can think of by the 100,000 thousands ,and i mean everywhere to force a move if trudeau bails on his promise. plant it my friends plant it everywhere you can.

  5. In other words we will drag it out as long as we can and still bust people for now and ruin there lives forever . Hope it is not a lie . Every little bit will help . The price here is about $22 a gram if you can find it , but its 20 years mandatory here for a very small amount of pot . Out for murder in 5 to 7 .

  6. "…and the profits out of the hands of criminals." That's the key to this whole psy-op! You'll have access to legal, recreational weed, BUT it will be the crap that the government or their private companies grow. They are not intending to make weed something just anybody can cultivate on their own property.

  7. Bizarre. The government is getting around to legalizing marijuana in around 2017. This is not only for medical use but non-medial use. They want to have things in place to ensure public safety (eg. make it hard for kids to get access to it) and make some tax revenue off it.

    And all you people in the comments are complaining about this??? How about we go back to taking legalization off the table? Sure it will likely not happen in a way that will make everyone happy however it's a pretty amazing and astounding thing for Canada to do. Why are you complaining about it? I think it's great!

  8. Task Force huh. nice wording. IS that just another name for "War on Drugs"? Is there a task force for alcohol? Whatever…..keep playing your games and the hells angels will only grow. Idiots

  9. these people are such douchebags. I will continue to buy my weed illegally just like 90% of people until they just legalise it and keep it out of the government's hands. privately owned businesses by the people is the only way to go.

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