Cannabis and Cancer Tumor Shrinking – My Journey With This Healing Plant

In this video I share about my cannabis protocol for shrinking metastatic breast cancer tumors. I was told the tumors in my liver would most likely not shrink.


  1. Thank you so much for educating and sharing. My Mother just got diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer and it is in her lymph nodes, liver and spine. We are trying to remain hopeful about things. I have been researching the effects of CBD for quite some time even before the diagnoses. As my Mom is not into this kind of study, she is not aware of the benefits. With hers being estrogen + , I think the thc will be out of the question as it can actually spread the cancer in this type. Besides, she is not an advocate for marijuana use and we live in a state where it has not been legalized. Although it has been medically legalized so possibly we may be able to benefit from this in the future. Anyways, I think CBD oil with next to no THC in it will really help her kill the cancer cells, help with pain and side effects from the treatment and also work with the treatments to make both of them more effective overall. I love watching your videos. You are so full of life and your positivity shines giving me more hope than I had before, thank you.

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