Cannabis Coconut Oil & Magical Miracle Fudge (Vegan): Cooking with Marijuana #27

Cannabis is infused into coconut oil and then used to make Magical Miracle Fudge in this deliciously simple Vegan recipe on Cooking with Marijuana. Get the …


  1. Nice recipe loved chef John from foodwishes when I was a none vegan, now not so much haha. I have some hash could I also make it with that or do you have another suggestions? Hope to hear from you! Cheers Amado

  2. LouAna coconut oil is the worst fuckin coconut oil you can use… its refined and lacks all the benifits from virgin coconut oil..this is walmart garbage man!!!! stop fuckin with this kind of oil…up your game with good oil… some expensive oil and some non gmo sunflower lecithin if youre not allergic to gmo soy lecithin to really make it more potent than just using the oil only…look it up!! please dont eat.and i if you have cured flowers that have been cured already do you really need to decarb it in an oven???? cheers

  3. i reallyΒ  appreciate this channel! i have one question, i am new in this topic!what is the differences between make the cannabutter with decarb weed or with no-decarb weed?

  4. i appreciate the video, grea job… i only have one question, making the cannabutter with the coconut oil does only take 20 minutes ?
    i ask this because with regular salted butter i saw a lot of videos where they recommend 5-6 hours , that is a lot to me, i only did 2 hours, so i was kind of impressed it only took 20 minutes on this video
    thanx in advance

  5. Matt:

    Can you do a recipe for making Gummy Candies? I've tried the Ganja Tummies which taste good, but the chew consistency feels gross in my mouth. I've tried others which are pretty good. I like the one's covered in white sugar.

    Thanks! I really like your recipes!!!

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