Cannabis Companies Continue to Unionize…

Cannabis Companies Continue to Unionize… Please Subscribe to my Other YouTube Channels: Frame of Flower Podcast: …


  1. Try not to make this union men only because they dont want to pay work fairly if all owned by white women AGAINST men and DISABILITY people i learned this in war on cigarettes that women went after actors that smoked cigarettes and ghey killed a lot of white actors that smoked cigarettes and that almost made Hollywood boy coat the public, and the hell killing almost stop Hollywood ESPECIALLY if those killing were carried out by catholic church white women AGAINST Hollywood! In the cannabis industry they have to make its equal hiring which is good for legalization of marijuana because equal hiring practices help stop the violence from stemming to close our goal of legalization of marijuana down. And in reality women don't want to kill women because of their fembot movement and if we hire and service women correctly they can't stop legalization of marijuana, most wacky women only want men to die but in cannabis industry we need all people alive so we get the vote across America and the 21 and over barrier is important to both sexes of the growth of marijuana, if we treat women badly then they look at us like marijuana wont work but if women treat us badly enough then we get the vote to end prohibition on marijuana and women get arrested who don't smoke marijuana!

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