Cannabis Cures Cancer? (Full Mini-Doc)

“Cannabis Cures Cancer?” Full Mini Documentary. Anthony Mugica and Justin Wilcke dive deep into the world of medical cannabis to explore the possibility of …


  1. Hmmm, that's it? No mention of the type of cancers involved, no mention of the stages, no mention of dose, no mention of chemo trials, radiation, surgery. Proof? Where's the MRIs? CT scans? Without these studies this is not even hear say. C'mon folks you can do better than this if you really wish to get the word out try convincing the biggest skeptics-my peers.

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  3. I remember talking with a young doctor once and he commented wouldn't it be nice if we could come up with a medicine that would target and kill the cancer cell and not harm normal cells. I am so proud that Cannabis kills cancer. thnx for sharing

    The story: Father died of colorectal cancer (CRC) at age 71. In 2011, I was diagnosed at age 49 with Stage IV CRC. (CRC is the 2nd most common cancer killer). 
    By the time it was discovered, it had metastasized to the liver. I had 3’ of lower colon and 1/3 of my liver  resected after about 6 mos. of chemotherapy. But it keeps coming back to the liver and also started appearing in the lungs in 2012. I am tracked every 90 days with CT scans, and every 45 days with the blood test for the carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA), which has been effective at notifying me when I have an active tumor. No chemo since 2013. 

    Otherwise healthy (you would never know I am living with Stage IV cancer to look at me; blood work is always great.) CEA stayed normal for about a year, then went up. Small tumors in the lungs keep coming back. I had two lung lesions ablated in the summer of 2014. But there are still some too-small tumors in the lungs, under 1.5 cm, that seem persistent. (This fall, I learned of a scary one next to a major artery in the lungs, so chemo or some alternative is the ONLY thing I can do to keep that one at bay.)  Occasionally, a liver lesion will pop up and they ablate it. But the colon cancer metastasis in the lungs are the most concerning. 

    After hearing of all the miracle reports of cannabis vs. cancer here on Youtube, and reading three preliminary studies online of possible beneficial effects of both THC and CBD on CRC cells (in the lab), I hoped it would work for me. IT HAD NO EFFECT: My CEA level went up during the treatment. The tumors actually GREW during the hash oil treatment. 

    Mid-November 2014 through January, 2015, I consumed 1 g. (1 ml) of CBD-rich hemp oil a day (at a cost of over $2500), from one of my local dispensaries. The oil had 1:1 CBD/THC ratio; higher than in Rick Simpson Oil used to be. Alternated with about 3 weeks of the THC-rich hemp oil as well, just in case. I also continued to inhale cannabis during the time, but not at the rate I had been for the past 4 years during this battle because, once you have that much THC in your blood, you hardly notice anything from smoking/vaping. But I continued to do it as a topical treatment of the lung tumors, both with high-CBD strains and high-THC strains. Using both a vaporizer and a bong. 

    Of course, you could say, "Maybe they would have grown faster if you hadn't taken the oil." But these tumors have ALWAYS been slow growing. (Cancer is a disease of years, not weeks.) If the anecdotal evidence given here by others with far larger tumors, and the little clinical research that has been done on THC and CBD on colon cancer cells, are correct, I should have seen the tumors at least hold their size, right? Sorry, I know you want to believe, but that did not happen. 

    To be clear, the testimonies given here with the miracle results are usually given by people whose cancer is pretty far along. They are almost gone when they start the hash oil treatment. So maybe it helps prolong their lives. Or maybe it works on cancers other than CRC. 
    Someone is liable to post a reply here that says, "a.) You aren't sick enough, and your tumors aren't big enough; b.). You didn't take enough oil; you should have done 90 days, and c.) You took the wrong kind of oil." Sure, hippydude, like there is any science behind any of this whatsoever. Please. 

    I REALLY wanted this to work. I kept a positive attitude that it would. I also ate right and exercised. But I didn’t take any other treatments because I wanted it to be as scientifically valid for me as possible so that I, too, could come onto Youtube and tell everyone how it “cured” my cancer. 
    I also want to be clear that I am HUGE believer in the benefits of cannabis for cancer patients. If you have cancer and you aren't smoking or ingesting THC, you are crazy, in my opinion. I DO believe it is part of the reason I have done so well when other CRC patients at my university cancer center are long gone. But the benefits are NOT in tumor reduction, they are: 1.) Putting a smile on the patient's face, 2.) Stimulating appetite, 3.)  Fighting nausea, 4.) Pain reduction for some patients, and 5.) Inducing rest. 
    Those are KEY benefits. But tumor reduction is NOT the reason you should be doing it. 

    I want to stress the other  things that have been key to my survival so far: 

    1.) NOT making cancer my life: I don't read articles about it, I don't research it (except the cannabis part), I don't talk about it to anyone but my spouse; and I go about my life as I always did. (Well, I was a professional pilot, and I've had to give that up permanently.)  
    2.)  DOING WHAT THE DOCS TELL ME TO DO. Seriously. Too many cancer patients don't follow their doctor's instructions to the letter. Or they give up on chemo (because they are not using THC to control the side effects?). Or they pull a Steve Jobs and do hippy natural treatment alone. If you want to end up like Jobs, then don't listen to your doctor. He was smarter than his docs, remember? YOU are not a doctor. YOU are not a scientist, so what do YOU think you know more than they do? Because you saw it on the Internet? Grow up and go take a basic science course at your local college. 

    If you want to be here next year, you'd better go to a major NCI-approved cancer center. You'd better start smoking or ingesting THC, and you had better listen to the real experts, not the Internet gurus. Sure you can try hemp oil and all the hippy stuff you want, but do those in ADDITION TO what your cancer docs say. (Yes, that includes chemo. Toughen up…it's the ONLY treatment that has been scientifically proved to reduce tumor size on its own. Hemp oil does not have the evidence behind it that chemotherapy does. Refuse chemo at your peril.)  

  5. Medical cannabis shrunk tumors caused by agent orange that I had for almost two years…my primary care just couldn't believe that God and medical grade cannabis can completely shrink tumors and no trace of cancer in the bloodstream….

  6. Great! well done, very informative. We want more bite sized pieces like this to break the news gently to the world…. that many of our loved ones have suffered and died needlessly because his medicine has been, and is still being suppressed!

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