Cannabis extract prices vary across Canada

A CBC News investigation found the price of cannabis extracts varies widely across Canada, with the same product costing up to 3½ times more in one …


  1. Hey Guys,
    I am a young man from the UK and I am looking to go into the cannabis industry full-time in Canada one day, hopefully soon. Can anyone please give me advice on how I could make this a reality, I am open to any opinion and your words can really help me. Thank you.

  2. so what its not your cannabis until you buy it  ,  you really can see white collar and blue collar crooks think they have some sort of say of something they cannot afford . . its not yours until you buy it there's no such thing as equal opportunity

  3. Been buying legal, peace of mind but inconsistent in pricing and the markup is ridiculous. The business model need to be improved, hire somebody who is an expert in business process.

  4. Prices on everything are too high, I'm growing my own because of the high prices, I would rather just buy it and not have to grow, but LPs & Ontario are greedy, so they get nothing, I'll grow it myself.

  5. My god, They are trying to see how much they can get for them, Its easy marketing.. The problem is they can do that. More people should be able to get a licence to be able to sell. Look at ICBC in BC..Its f** outrageous and were going to let this get lead in the same way ? Few people get access ? Until that changes nothing else will

  6. Would never buy legal cannabis for acouple reasons.. One, very rarely do you find even a ok price for anything in a licenced store #2 The quality of the cannabis at least i get in my area is ALWAYS very very poor #3 The environment, Even 1G is packaged in a thick plastic container, Such a waste. #3 THE PRICES ARE INSANE AND PEOPLE SHOULD STOP CONTRIBUTING TO THAT!! I can get an OZ of AAA cannabis=28Grams For $160 where i am, and at most $200 anywhere else .. That has always been the price…Try buying that at a licenced store.. Your looking at over $300 AND THATS FOR BULK.. Walking in an seeing a GRAM for 15+ dollars make me wanna puke everytime. Your to late to be changing the price, People SHOULD at least, buy your weed elsewhere 🙂

  7. Lol…..this whole thing has made the Liberals look like fools…….go buy off the guy on the street , cheaper and most likely better then what the Government ordained stores sell , when they claim bankruptcy I'm sure the Liberals will help them out ……….as always on any bad ventures they make , so all of them ……..lmao

  8. See?? It is very logical that government can not compete with private business .soo ! The black markets folks just drop their price below government prices and , voila !!! People buy black market like before .

  9. Don't buy from just anyone you should choose who buy from and who you work for.. Don't work for a "co-op" that's not operated as a co-op. If you're doing 15% of the work you're supposed to get 15% of the profit

  10. Since the Crown oligarchy did their hostile takeover of the Cannabis culture, the black market is thriving like never before. No one I know will touch government weed with a ten foot rolling paper.

    The Queen/cronies and Crown rule of law are incompetent and severely corrupt. They need to be stopped and booted out.

  11. There's inconsistencies in the illegal market as well but prices are out of control in Illinois. Look to spend 200 bucks for 2 grams of wax after taxes. No thanks.

  12. This is how it looks when something is new on market, new plans, new ideas, new product and then they don't know how to act, and then automatically it's harder for government to "earn" – (steal) money from people because of this, or competition or simply cause you can GROW YOUR OWN, and they don't like it.

  13. I live in the states, i was told if you dont have your medical card prices are much higher due to tax on their products… Im not positive how other countries figure out prices.. myself i have lung problems i cant inhale so i buy edibles.

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