Cannabis Garden Tour – Week 4 Flower | Nutrient Burn Cannabis | Marijuana Garden Tour

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  1. Nuturient deficiency happens when the lower leaves start to yellow means the plant wants more nitrogen and it's robbing the lower leaves nutes. To not get nute burn I like to feed my plants with nutes then about 10-20 min after feed again with some pH'd water with carbs or beneies (benficial bacteria) that way your plant also gets reg water that doesn't have much salt build up. The key is to never let salts build up and always pay attention to the plants the less problems you have the happier the plants the better results. Don't over due it but at the same time don't let the plants starve just make sure they dry out so the roots seek out the moisture you want the roots moving

  2. Having nutrient burn right now week 1 & 2 of flower. Thanks for the info, and glad you don't sound panicked about the burn. I'm a newbie and just read someone saying they got nutrient burn in flower and how he was going to throw them away because he didn't think it would produce anything. My first crop was last winter inside and it came out pretty good; so now I'm outside on this new crop hoping for bigger buds and good medicine content.

  3. hay I'm going on my first run previously commented in a few vids n love the advice n feed back but i was wondering if perhaps u could give me some advice on how to mix my nutriants, i mixed my vegetation nutrients all together (floracious plus, cal-mag, grow big, dyna-grow) i found out the order in witch not to lock out any nutrients but now for flowering i got (monster bloom, bud candy and foxfarms's tiger blow and big bloom, oh and bud candy) i do measure it with a ph meter and a HANNA scale but just when i was confident in my mixing i recently flushed my girlfriends cus one began to show a deficiency and now i feel like I'm not doing my job to well so any tips given on that subject would be most appreciated (:

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