Cannabis Oil Cured My Dog Hip Dysplasia & Cancer

For 8 years between 2008 & 2016 my dog Embro had pain daily from the hip dysplasia he was diagnosed with when he was just 9 months old. The vets …


  1. My dog is 12 and they just told me today because he was limping I took him for an X-ray and it’s bone cancer they want to amputate. I just can’t do that to a 12 year old dog. I’ve been giving him CBD from my buddy at the grow store not long tho about 2 weeks ago I started. I’ll keep you posted. Thank you for posting this. I’m hoping for an outcome like yours.

  2. 120 mg of morphine for 15 years ,near death ,yep cannabis saved my like too ! 1 1/2 years later I’m doing better !
    I deal with spinal cord pain everyday that is accompanied by migraines . A lot of depression goes with all that ,

    I really feel PATRIOTIC paying 8% taxes on the cannabis MEDICATION that I need to survive ! Think about that .

  3. My Rottweiler rocky passed today it was to late I love him and will miss him thank u for the hope you gave me and my next Rottweiler I will follow ur method of early Cbd

  4. my beautiful rottwieler is 12 years oldand is sick with tumors born in 2008 as well and i am trying to save him with full spectrum oil and i am wondering if i can get notes from u my dog also had hip isues but we never gave him less nutes but also used swiming as exercise daily in pools if i can save my dog any way i would like to make attempt you have a very beautiful rott as well and i feel the same way about my rottwieler i would not trade him for anything in world hes so loyal and i love him was in tears when i found out he had tumor and became very sick

  5. Just finding out my best friend, My most loyal sweet girl likely has Cancer in her Teets… I cannot afford cancer treatment, I dont know anything about Cannabis but I'm DESPERATE to try ANYTHING to save my girl, She is a Rescue and I saved her from a Life of Absolute HELL when she was 2yrs old, she had been beaten with 2×4's and Bred from her 1st heat continually just to produce puppies for sale… I found her at 2yrs old and brought her home and shes been the MOST AMAZING Loyal Companion, I have EVER been so Blessed to call my baby… She is also my Autistic daughters Emotional health dog.. We love her so much, I'm Praying for Gods Healing and Help here for whatever it is we need exactly…. I feel like such a Failure THAT I cannot afford Cancer treatment for her, considering ALL SHE HAS DONE FOR US!! But that's the life of a single mom and may household bills… I say I saved her, But reality is she saved me and My kids.. Esp my daughter with Autism.. I really dont know what I would do without her, Shes VELCRO to me CONSTANTLY since I am home and disabled as well… I BEG of anyone to PLEASE help me in knowing what to give her in CBD, Like what brand? What dose? How often? and how does it work? etx.. I know NOTHING about CBD at all… However I know I NEED TO LEARN… SHE IS MY LIFE… I already Lost a German Shep to this terrible illness and back then I had never even heard of cannabis at the time… Can someone ANYONE please steer me in the right direction to save my baby girl… I just DONT know what I'm searching for… I dont know anything about CBD OILS… Anyhow, shes a Cane Corso roughly about 140lbs or so… anyone please help I'm desperate to save my sweet girl, God bless you all❤

  6. Bro this is new to me i dont want to get beat by a bs product can
    U recommend who to order cbd oil i have a 2 year German Sheppard
    He is recovering from s broken femur my last dog died
    Cancer any help would
    Be appreciated thanks

  7. God Bless you!! I have 3 rottweilers. I have one with hip dysplasia, and l love my Bella.. Thank you. I would love to buy some CBD Oil from you.. It's hard for me to trust other brands.. thank you again, bless his little heart😊

  8. Thank you for your post. We have an 11 year old old rottweiler with a bad knee and we believe his hips are going bad. I give him cannabis oil for his pain an needed but now I'll be giving it to him daily

  9. My dog has been crying as of late and I need help every night I have been crying trying to find something to give her but I need help please if I have to put her down might as well put myself down too

  10. I find so funny that all Rotties do the same things.. like burying their bones.. its so funny to watch this video and see my dogs do the same things.. great animals and you are great person for doing whatever you had to to heal your best friend. I feel the same way and will go to the end of the world for my girl.

  11. Dog’s diet is the main problem. Kibble is not real food, it’s poison actuallly. Put together a raw, whole foods diet and your dog’s body will love you for it! It costs more but you are already throwing money away buying fake kibble product and making your dog sick. For cannabis feed your dog the fresh, raw plant. I spend a month each season feeding each of my dogs an entire flowered mature plant. I cut it up and mix it with ground beef. They love it!

  12. Wow, thank you so much for this info! My dog has just been diagnosed with Osteosarcoma in her wrist and I'm definitely going to try this. Thanks a million for posting this! xx

  13. Great to see you have been able to find some relief for your dog and yourself. In the us particularly where I live we are just now seeing dispensaries open. It’s still a pain in the ass in depending on which state you reside and of course the federal government hasn’t done the right thing yet by either re-classifying it or doing a full legalization. Any recommendations for what to look for to help with severe arthritis if the spine, knee, and ankle. Almost all of my pain is arthritic inflammatory and some nerve from a failed lumbar fusion and a revision surgery to fix what they could. Still have issues from that plus additional problems cropping up where I had none before. Thanks for the videos. I will be watching to see how things are going for you. I pray you are able to stay well and can continue using cannabis which so many have found relief with. I hope to be able to get my card within the next month or so

  14. Fantastic what you did for your dog. Rottweilers are such great dogs. I have 1:1 ratio Cannabis oil, making it myself, wanted to ask you how much do you give Embro? I make 10ml bottles with 2 grams of Cannabis in it, than dilute it with 10 ml of organic olive oil. For my big Mastin (68 kg.) I dilute it 4 times. (2mgs x 40ml of olive oil) Thank you if you can help me with the dosing..

  15. Wow he is doing great! I have two dogs 8 years old, one has brain damage from abuse and I give both of them hemp oil and it really helps him and the other dog gets it for preventive back problems

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