Cannabis oil powder

this is is how to make cannabis oil powder. THC powder or CBD powder is super easy to make using cannabis oil and maltodextrine. ➥ Subscribe Cannadish: …


  1. Wonder if I can make this and add nacho cheese powder to the end result to make a popcorn seasoning? Cannabis popcorn seasoning would be pretty cool.

  2. didn't work for me. Used the same ratio (did 1/2 oz instead and used 3 cups of maltodextrin) and it is still a mush. Something like the consistancy of whipped cream or whipped butter but when you squeeze it it feels almost like wet sand…

  3. Do i have to boil the lecithin into the mixture? I feel like that destroys the cannabinoids. I can achieve the same result on low heat by cooking for a longer time correct?

  4. Read an article about powdered cannabis last year and wondered how they did it. You can add this to beverages or sprinkle onto food. Or simply sprinkle it into your mouth. Another way to medicate without smoking. You feel the effects of the cannabis faster than traditional edibles. One caveat, this method adds carbs and sugars. Not an ideal method for people with certain types of cancer as it could support the growth of the cancer. Thank you for sharing this video, Cannadish! I'm so excited to try this

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