Alright this weeks episode we smoke some Durban Poison and discuss rapid fire question including: How to know when to water cannabis plants, is it necessary …


  1. Ohhhp shiz! It's this poor guy, awwh man, it's so sad to know his housing being built didn't go the way planned, he ended up homeless hence why we haven't seen him

  2. I find you can make your synthetic grow taste great, take a bag of soil, like ocean forest or coast of maine, I add that 1 3rd to pro mix HP amd pearlite to taste. This gives the feeding g and growth of soiless but taste of natural or really good..

    I use a turp enhancing carb aswell. It seems to add to tastes. You wouldent be able to tell my bud is synthetic. Bu the only thing synthetic is the open sesame, beastie blooms, and cha-ching. I like the fox farm because its 100 dollars for a 20 pound bin… in 3 years I haven't used bit about a 4th of the nutes…. and at that price it's really really cheap to grow. I know guys that spend 40 bucks for a single pound of beastie blooms. That's crazy, 2.5 times and they could have gotten 20 fkn pounds. So I've got a total of about 50 pou ds of nutes left and they will take my 1500 watt LED grow for another 12 years hehe!!

  3. Advanced nutrients has a new organic line and im using all of them. Big bud, sensizym, mother earth tea, and bud candy. That along with there synthetic base called sensi grow a+b and sensi bloom a+b is what im using. I Also use fox farms big bloom and neptunes fish and seaweed as well as xtreme gardening’s azos and mykos for transplanting. These are the best liquid organics imo.

  4. I use urine it's just as good as bottled crap and I don't have to buy bottles or flush drinkig water down the toilet I save loads of money.
    I use Pseudomonas Fluoresens for solubilizing phosphate and chelation of iron.

  5. this was the first channel i begin listening to when i first started my journey. I used synthetics at first like most people. i was impressionable as to what works best not being completely informed i continued to use synthetics. As time went on i began educating myself on organic nutrients years later (now) I consider myself a probiotic grower meaning I implement the use of microorganisms and beneficial bacteria. the cannabis plant is autotrophic meaning the plant can feed itself and we do not need to force feed with synthetic nutrients. In my experience growers will have a much better product if they focus on feeding the soil with beneficial microbes and not the plant. In fact using the soil food web will get you a more superior product in the end. Another fact is don't be fooled like i was to only think about npk nitrogen phosphorous and potassium however those r important but its calcium that really helps the plant divide cells and more calcium in flower will help u dense up buds but not a calcium nitrate. Phosphates r your friend. In my opinion the best systems r the ones that can replicate nature the best. all nd all this is our medicine if we ingest something we generally would want organic foods over synthetic foods so i think we should treat cannabis the same. Studies say microbes have been here way longer than humans have so to carry that into our grow will make us healthier over all.

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