CBD and me! and you!

Go to to get your free bottle of The Daily Buzz gummies today! Howdy friends! If you’ve ever been curious about trying CBD, …


  1. Whatever you do, don’t fall for the “free gummies just pay shipping”. They enroll you in a subscription for $95 and you have to cancel in a few days or you keep getting charged. I mean no disrespect to Autumn, I’m sure she didn’t know. But this free trial thing is a scam.

  2. Thanks you for being so transparent about your anxiety , everyone needs to hear that it's a normal thing to go through and even the people you highly respect and look up to have all types of anxieties. Thank you.

  3. I really appreciate how up front you were about this CBD product. I've seen a good few people talk about these somewhat irresponsibly but you were very measured, honest and forthcoming. Big thanks.

  4. are you freaking kidding me? this stuff looks waaay better than the oil ive been using and its way cheaper. goddamn it! i just ordered more…. gaaaaaah. welp moving on, thanks for the tip. got a new place to try.

  5. CBD can be used as a topical and can work wonders for almost any type of pain. Personally I've used it for muscle soreness, sunburns, even for ear aches. I've had family members that say it's the only thing that helps with chronic arthritis. You just have to make sure the dosing is right. Topicals should be about 100mg per oz. For anything you ingest it should be 500mg per oz or about 16mg per dose, if you're a new to it. If you've been taking it for awhile then 1000mg per oz or about 33mg per dose would be good

  6. This is so helpful, Autumn, thank you! Have you tried any products from Charlotte's Web? I've been experimenting with their cbd oils but not sure how well it's working for me.

  7. I use Escitalopram. I think is really good.
    I’m Kinda on the fence with cannabis use. But with how bad is the Anxiety situation I would understandings use.
    With lextor I can sleep better. But I do get super Dizzy when I stop taking it.

  8. Thank you so much Autumn! I've been looking for a CBD item that was affordable to try to help treat my anxiety and after seeing them having a free bottle to try, I put my order in right away. I'm a bit weary about the THC being a bit intense as, from what little I know about it, may be a bit much for me, its worth a shot.

  9. I told my cardiologist if was ok to take CBD oil and eatables. He said that it was perfectly fine and I feel so much better since I started with CBD oil. Recommend!

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