CGC Stock Has 300% Upside as the Marijuana Megatrend Gets Rolling

Pot stock CGC stock has been a major disappointment. Canopy Growth was meant to herald the marijuana megatrend, but instead it fizzled. So why is Luke …


  1. Tesla is better buy but I got a little CGC speculation position for the hell of it. Nice content. So glad to see some life coming back into this dog 🤑.

  2. This booming industry will only grow positive the way you are speaking about in only 1 clear way. The US market must open up for it to succeed. That means legalization and decriminalization. How can you not mention this in your video? The Canadian market is not large enough for this huge company with millions of dollars in expenses to succeed. They need a Biden win and a Democratic Senate majority. Republicans failed to even bring the matter to the floor for vote in the safe banking act. Politics plays a big part in your vague prediction. But as an investor iam on your side . But in the future when you share a video like this . Its wise to GIVE ALL THE FACTS.

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