Clearing the Smoke: The Science of Cannabis

Clearing the Smoke, reveals how cannabis acts on the brain and in the body to treat nausea, pain, epilepsy and potentially even cancer. Extensive interviews …


  1. Dr. Voth unknowingly reveals just how arrogant our medical/pharmaceutical behemoth has become. To actually believe that you can take a plant that has been evolving in complexity for millions of years and synthesize it in a lab is laughable and scary at the same time. It’s sad how group think and peer pressure has paralyzed the medical industry, they are ignoring what is right in front of their faces.

  2. The "doctor" that continuously calls it "smoking dope" is really annoying. He is personally offended by "dope" and should not be giving his biased opinion, but rather the facts. Thanks.

  3. I have chronic pain that marijuana would help but prescribed oxy and fentanyl so can not take it or i would lose ability to take opiates for breakthrough pain. Been through withdrawls a few times from opiates. Not fun. Thanks big pharma.

  4. I've Smoked for 45 years graduated high school served in the military. I've never been busted or even been arrested for anything and all the lies about pot were spun to keep people of color down. Look it up and by the way I'm white.

  5. The "doctor" and "patient" in the beginning didn't name ANY actual anti-nausea medications in his list. Zoloft is an anti-depressant. He never mentioned Promethazine (Phenergan) which is the front-line treatment and that I use myself, and he didn't mention Dramamine either, which is an OTC and I also use and it's very effective. This guy is just a stoner who wants to get high. Wanting to ski again is not a valid reason to get an Rx for a Federal Schedule I Controlled Substance.

  6. Wendy Gwinner – We have to make sure we have used appropriate first line medications – aka – first you give us money for our pharma, then you get to use whatever to alleviate your suffering.

  7. I tried it in high school and didn't care for it. Now that I suffer from chronic pain due to an injury, I have given it a go for the past few months. I wish I had a strain of marijuana that helped my symptoms but gave me a clear head so I could go to work and hang out with my friends while experiencing some relief. I have tried all kinds of meds. Even codeine did NOTHING for my pain. I'm glad people are starting to wake up to the benefits of nature.

  8. I wasn't abusing opiates but using them for five years, I couldn't wake up anymore my life was none existent after five years I had no trouble giving up the opiates, my stomach complained but I made the transition with only an up set stomach. I was constantly stressed and anxious because I knew that when I sat or when I got up I was literally in tears, all that is gone and I am dealing with the pain much better. The pain doesn't go away, but not having the stress and anxiety goes a long ways when getting up to paint again.

  9. The more I watch the nay-sayers the more I wanna throw a shoe at them. No money in it – so it's bad for the our country. That says it all. Not to HELP people who suffer but to make money. I have numerous health conditions, two being chronic OA and Fibromyalgia. The handful of pills I have to get thru the day (to me) is obscene. I hate to see the long-term effects they will have on my internal organs. Dr. Voth must have been paid some $ to tout about marijuana being so "harmful."

  10. OK, I watched a part where it said that weed makes you more angry? NO IT DOES NOT. When I feel very mad and stressed out for no reason and I want to go off at the mouth mad I eat or smoke weed and and 30 mins latter or sooner depending on if I eat or smoke its time frame. My mind goes to a normal state without wanting to yell or cry again. my mind is rested and feels normal happy and sleepy again. thats what it does to me every time, not once did I feel pissed off for no reason. I even seen it in my son's dad mood swings he has it really bad, so bad that no one wants to be next to him unless he smokes weed he does not have a normal track mind. he is nice to me and people when he is on weed and a jerk when he is off weed.

  11. I just want to say a quick word about what medical cannabis has done for me.

    weed has help treat and repair my whole entire body in just a couple months I had;

    Locked knees that could not bend to sit, and the worst pain in my knees, if I bent my knees.

    damaged feet that could not walk or stand, I could only stand or walk for only 1 minute before the shooting stabbing pain came on.

    I could not let my legs down on the floor so this made it hard to even go see a movie. my legs, knees, feet would swell up rapidly with edema and it would hurt very bad.

    I had severe ocd, I would have to stay up all night until my ocd was satisfied.

    I could not sleep also because of my mental health problems, my mind would constantly race with thoughts of depression, suicide, bad or good thoughts of the past or future.

    I have more to add to this but over all health has improved by putting a tablespoon of raw weed in my food every day at least once. I can go to bed and sleep with peace, my knees are unlocking without feeling severe pain. I lost 40 pounds this summer because I could finally move my body again without feeling twisting body spasms in my thighs and calves.

    so if this really is a bad drug, then why does it help me more then doctors meds ever did? I used to be against weed until now, and no matter what anyone else says or feels, I know in my own body that this is what it needs to survive and to cure my illnesses that doctors don't care to cure.

    please vote yes this nov 8 2016 on weed, it will help you and your family. I beg you to try it and find out if you have pain like me:(

  12. i have cancer and i know vometing,i take 150 grams a month,i love it,very nice high thc flowers,here in canada,the cannabis is good medication,aaand give me appetite and calm me down,aand we have good legal oils,whit high thc to who works good for pain i smoke 4 pounds a year,and for the last 10 years,and feel good,i think my cancer cells are fuck-up and suicide themself,but i wont so get that cancer stone

  13. you wanna know what marijuana withdrawl is??? ya get a little antsy and agitated … know what happens when you go through opiate withdrawls??? you feel like you're dying and your mind is going off the deep end. I smoke high quality marijuana every day of my life for the past 14 years and I feel fantastic.

  14. Dr. Voth is a moron. He is totally embedded in the rules regulations and narrowmindedness that he's a prime example of our medical pharmaceutical industry that cannabis will thankfully destroy in its current form. drbob

  15. "The institute on Global Drug Policy" of which Dr. Voth is a member, is clearly a pharmaceutical industry funded, special interest group; And their interest is solely profit from drugs that can be patented, and eliminating those that cannot. He further illustrates this corruption, by suggesting that "smoking" is the only way of ingesting Cannabis. In fact the most therapeutic form of ingestion, is oral, -eating the whole oil, undamaged, unheated, unburned oil with all Cannabinoids, enzymes, phytonutrients, and chemical constituents intact; or eating the whole bud itself like a vegetable (which I also do). The reason to take the oil, instead of the bud, is because it is a highly concentrated and potent dose. I would surmise though, that eating the whole bud itself, if one could eat enough of it, is the best medical and therapeutic approach. Vaporizing could also be used for "instant relief".

  16. Oh and since this doc was recorded new evidence has come forward. Marijuana DOSE NOT cause lung cancer nor dose it even help enforce it. It kills it. Stops it from even happening in most scenarios. (if only smoking marijuana) It's actually been labeled the cancer cure. If you all google and youtube you'll find the info I am saying is true. And it doesnt matter if you do or not. It's a fact that soon wil be our reality. And you'll (within a few years) see it posted all over the t.v ( we already are starting to see it)

  17. As for this "show" it really goes to show how idiotic and moronic some people are. Especially certain doctors. They are clueless to reality and do not deserve to have the profession they do.. Not all of them. Just the idiots against marijuana as a health drug to help patience with cancer, glaucoma ext ext…. Fucking stupid. Like Feeding pills that are chemically made by a man is better then a organic medicinal plant… Hilarious how some people are able to obtain the certificate out of university. Just baffles me.

  18. So, this will be a really good test of a new concept I have cultivated called "crowd-authoring."
    Cognition and intelligence are ‘socially distributed’; instead of dwelling inside the single mind of an individual or a few marijuana advocates they are spread throughout the different minds of all people of earth. Book authorship by sole individuals and partners for profit is out-dated. If the goal of a good book is complete knowledge, we must develop mechanisms that systematically bring together these fragmented pieces of cognition and intelligence from all over the globe.

    Drum roll please……..

    I started a book called The Cannabis Bible which I am open sourcing in a collaborative effort to bring all cannabis knowledge under one master book title, written by the people of earth. Please contribute!

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