Controversial Medical Marijuana Used to Treat Violent Raging Autism in Child

‘It’s the one medicine we have seen work’: Oregon parents use medical marijuana to help severely autistic son Alex Echols has Tuberous Sclerosis, a rare …


  1. There is NOTHING Controversial about CBD, NOTHING!
    BULL Feakin Crap to the American Board of Pediatrics for saying it's controversial or toxic and bad for any child or young adult.
    Shoot, look at Willie Nelson, he's not been affected by years of smoking in, and this isn't about getting high, it's about a plant God created for us to use in so many ways!
    If any person involved with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, CDC, and the American Board of Pediatrics had a child, parent, of loved one dealing with any of these physical and mental health traumatic issues they'd be doing all they can to pass CBD oil plus they'd also go against the any law, their own closed minded, small minded system and would be administering CBD for their afflicted loved one..
    Pisses me off these people who have NO idea what it's like to watch a child suffer. I bet they refuse to even look at a child this severely affected with illnesses, if they don't see anyone suffering, then they can live with their heads up their A$$…

  2. this made me cry…if marijuana can help for god sake let them use it!! its a plant not a fucking cocain batch like the farmaceutical industries use to produce our medicines!! marijuana does this or that to childs brain…they will allwayd tell you not to use it otherwise you are not giving them profit bying their drugs

  3. MMR causes most autism watch the banned "vaxxed" doco off piratebay, if i ever had kids i would NEVER get my children vaccinated. The STATE is not your friend why is it so hard for people to get this.

  4. It will be legalized. When it does, the filthy corrupt hands of "Big Pharma" and the tobacco industry will grease the palms of federal govermnent to insure they have control of the market.


  6. They say that marijuana is toxic to the development of the brain, but smashing your head into shit and hitting over and over is worse than any hinderance from weed.

  7. Long term side effects = minimal at worst! I have been using this substance for over 30yrs. I graduated in the top two percent of the nation and if not for the laws against it's use may well have gone much farther in this professional world. Sadly using it limits the opportunities for an individual due to media demonizing of it for decades.

  8. Compared to the side effects of the so called legal drugs, THC has very minimal!  If it helps this child live a life of quality why not??  My son has the same problem is severely autistic and going through genetic testing to see what else he may be dealing with.  Why can't the doctors see that this helps these poor kids/people.  Let them try to live their lives as normal as they possibly can. They deserve it!  Facebook: Support4Logan

  9. TOXIC TO CHILDRENs DEVELOPING BRAINS?REALLY…those people rather profit from this kids instead of telling them they could have it for free(grow it).I mean they will try to cure you but it not gunna be free. ether pick between living normal or living in debt.U.S.A the home of the debt

  10. I was diagnosed with autism at the age of 3, I remember my mother telling me all I did was sit and play with my hot wheels. my mom said I couldn't talk. All I did really was make noises and weird hand movements. but autism isn't just a state of what some people consider retardation. it may not always be as bad as alex. I was lucky enough my mom brought learning recources into my life that shaped me up and helped me better my self in overcoming my huge obstacle in life.. my autisim. however I seem like a normal kid now,  I do admit to feeling very confused and lost through out most of my childhood. I felt more so that I couldn't always explain how I felt even to this day I sometimes get angry and I don't know why. I sometimes feel sad but I don't know how. I started using weed when I was 13. at first it came on to me as more of a publicity kinda thing. I seen all my friends do it and talk about it so I was curious to try it. mainly cause I heard you feel happy. and more specifically I wanted to try it cause I was sad and angry and I felt all these emotions that I didn't understand. im now 15. ive been smoking weed for a year and I have both good and bad things to say about it. when I got high I felt like all my feelings that bothered me for so long. it put things into a more simpler perspective. I talked to myself about what was on my mind and how I felt about my life when I was sober. for once in my entire life things started to make sense slowly ive been making progress both socially and in the way I feel and how im able to express my feelings. the social part really started turning for me in a good way. now I can have a normal conversation with people and I generally understand things good for the most part. however there are still situations where I still feel those same feelings more so in social life. my mental sate has gone along way since last year. I feel more in control and more responsibale over myself and my actions. sometimes my autism gets the best of me still till this day. but I can say that it definatly is good for autism and in most cases could help thousands of autistic children and people all over the world. Autism is mainly a developing disorder and by smoking weed it grows you older therefore developing people. that's what I have seen in my own results at least. this topic really concerned me seeing this boy reminded me a lot of what my mom used to say I acted like. she said I was crying a lot and that I would get fussy and angry during my earlist stages of my autism back when I was three. however looking back on the past year ive also come to notice some not so good things about myself. I noticed that I lost effort and stopped caring in things like school and even my girlfriend who is now my ex, and ive noticed myself being dumber than before I sometimes ask myself if im making the right decision as far as my way of fighting my autism. ive been through a lot of consuling and therapy but that never worked and neither did my prescription med "resperidole" which is now being law suited for giving men breasts. but beyond all that the fact of the mater is that cannabis can be very successful for treating autism, however I do suggest that people take precaution be for using it. Yes being stupid or dumb isn't a good thing but neither is living life feeling sad and depressed everday asking myself why I feel the way I do. In the long run i'd rather be dumb and stress free than smart and miserable.

  11. OH MY GOD she says at 3:50 that docs say marijuana slows brain development in children and maybe it does to some degree but what do they think all the pharmasudical poison pills they all try to push on us for everything are doing. I stoped seeing docs 15 years ago and looked into natural medicines with far less side effects if there's any at all. I think if this boy gets even a little comfort from using med. marijuana he should be able to without his parents being scrutinized. You guys are awesome parents and brave I hope the very best for your son/family and hope the government wakes up and researches more to help more people in need. sorry so long but this hits close to home. peace n love from east coast

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