Could Vaping Trigger Seizures? What To Know About FDA’s Investigation | TODAY

The Food and Drug Administration announced it is investigating a possible link between vaping and seizures, particularly among teen users. NBC’s Gadi …


  1. ugh. the reason people are having seizures is because of a nicotine overdose. A nicotine overdose causes a seizure. Since nicotine-containing vape juice has a higher concentration (because youre meant to take 1 hit and not 10 at a time) people are obviously taking too much and this causes the seizures. If you take nicotine free vape juice or weed vape juice there is a 0% chance you will get a seizure. If you take 100 hits in a row you won't get a seizure.

  2. “His behavior became explosive” …..ummm, welcome to the world of having a teen lady! And I bet your little boy was doing more than an ecig when that party happened. These were not made for teens, they are an adult harm reduction product. FDA needs to step back, look at the UK, who are wanting people to switch. Why? Because they have free healthcare. In the US, it’s a money trail. Formaldehyde is NOT in eliquid. Been vaping for almost 3 years and no seizures and will never touch a cigarette again. Quit spreading this crap, millions of lives are in danger if this is banned for ADULTS. Parents need to parent instead of looking to the government to do it.

  3. Teens will get their hands on it no matter what the age restriction is. It's the government that is not doing their job and enforcing the laws that are already made, as they are just making new laws that they're not going to enforce anyways so upping the age restriction it's pointless when they don't even enforce the age restriction that's in play now. This fake news needs to stop. Yes teens under age do not need to be touching this Vape stuff and I don't support. But don't mess with the adults that smoked for years to have a better alternative. Vaping has saved my life as I smoked for about 18 years and now have been vaping for about 10 as I had major health issues and problems smoking as all of my issues and problems have all gone away since vaping. And the media has nothing good to talk about but come up with fake news especially on this topic just to make it look bad as they have no clue what's the weather at all and what they're even talking about. Try doing some research there is no formaldehyde in vaping the only way to get formaldehyde in Vape is if you were to dry out the cotton and dry burn it which no one in this world can dry burn cotton and vape that you guys are effing morons.

  4. My mom told me the news told her that vaping is causing seizures and that I should trust regular cigarettes instead. The older generation believes EVERYTHING the news and the paper say without researching anything.

  5. Because most kids vape Jules that have to high nic!!! Ecigs are meant for adults who want to stop smoking who educate themselves on what is best for them, not for teens who have never smoked😡

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