Cuomo Pushing for Marijuana Legalization for Early 2021

I like the idea (always have), but his intents aren’t exactly noble in my opinion. Article: …


  1. I can put this whole nursing home thing to rest completely right now..
    There is a difference between being positive and having the virus and being contagious. This virus can be positive and test positive for weeks and weeks but the fact is this virus is only contagious for nine days unless you have an active fever. And this is the CDC telling us from analyzed data on studies. 9 days.
    So you're an old person and you've got covid and you go to the hospital and you've been there for 2 weeks and by that time you're recovering and you want to go home instead of staying in the hospital with a bunch of sick and dying people. You still test positive for the covid virus but you are no longer contagious. So you want to go home. Are you telling me that these people don't have the right to go home? That they have to stay in the hospital even though they don't need a hospital bed and there are other people who do need the hospital bed and very desperately?
    Another bit of research that you need to understand Is the Harvard study that indicated that the positive people in nursing homes were being infected by the nursing home staff, not other people living in the nursing home. And early on, following the CDC's guidelines for nursing homes, the restrictions were not tight enough to stop this from happening. But once the research showed what was happening the CDC changed their guidelines to much stricter. At that very moment Governor Cuomo and many of the other governors both Democrat and Republican changed how they handled nursing homes as per the new guidelines.
    So now that you have some facts to go along with your talking points that sound remarkably like a neoliberal reach around, you can stop saying things that make you sound stupid.

  2. lol lol lol he is throwing folks in prison over marijuana everyday!! lets see how do we spell HYPOCRIT LYING FRAUDt!! and after the election? i would judge this gagger off his actions not his words lol lol duh lets stop n frisk black folks in manhattan…noooooooo
    naive nooooooo not this stupid

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