DIY Pumpkin Bong πŸŽƒ Chill with me [super easy to make and works great]

DIY Pumpkin Bong Chill with me [super easy to make and works great] How to make a bong from a pumpkin. Sup guys, I’m just heading out for thanksgiving …


  1. The down stem has to be a half inch or more into the water to make a bubbler pumpkin bong and the stem needs to be on a much steeper (upward) angle to keep water out of the stem.

  2. Hey girl! Great channel, love watching all your new videos! 🌼Here in South Africa it's only recently been legalised, but im excited to get a bit more creative with itπŸ˜‚ your videos are super inspiring.

  3. @Best Buds Your awesomeness knows no bounds. Thank you again for making this dark, ugly year so much better with your videos. I can escape the evil shirt show that the USA has become for a few moments when I watch your videos. Regarding the pumpkin bong… I believe that the downstem should have been at a steeper angle. With it horizontal you wont get the best hit off it. if it’s at a steeper angle the bottom of the downstem is submerged and you’re pulling the smoke downward through the water and then up through the hole you are taking a hit from. Happy Halloween to you. Thanks for being so lovely and entertaining. #StayLifted… Peace & love.

  4. Can we have a moment of silents for the most creative an most loveable youtuber ever you give me so many ideas when i watch you thank you for being you bestbudsπŸ˜ƒbtw your soo beautiful😍

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