Does Cannabis Prevent COVID?

There’s been so many articles written recently about cannabis helping with covid symptoms or even saying it can prevent covid entirely. Today we go through …


  1. I use to get really bad chest infections and colds every few months. Soon as I started smoking cannabis they have all gone and haven't had a chest infection in 2 years. Then in April I had covid and wasn't going to smoke but decided to and I recovered extremely quickly and was back to almost 100% within 3 days

  2. My question is: Is there anybody you know that is a weed smoker and was actually ill? Because i haven't met anybody like that yet and haven't heard about anybodylike that either. I would like to belive that weed prevents covid, and it seems like that now, but my skeptical brain says: Naaah. So please if somebody who smokes weed and was ill reads this, answer me i need to know.

  3. I guess if u have Corona and u smoke green u probably wouldn't notice cuz ur baked and if u do have symptoms u could easily forget that u did if u were smoking when u had it

  4. Not sure. I’d like to hope it’s somewhat a ‘cure’, because then legalization will come sooner. But to be honest, I am still skeptical about it. But it would explain why I haven’t got symptoms yet, even tho I have recently stayed at my friends Uni flat and it turns out they all have symptoms. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  5. You’re definitely right to be sceptical on the link between thc effecting the mice’ response to combat CV vs humans + thc. Deffo room for more studies to go down but would take years to actually get studies with more realistic subjects. I personally have read up on studies suggesting thc decreases your immune response so I think it’s a very grey area as to whether the effects of modern day potent cannabis is beneficial or not to your immune response.

  6. 100% agree with the fact that alot of people try to make out that weed is some sort of miracle plant that will cure everything, it doesnt. But herb is a fucking beautiful thing and I proper agree with the fact that legalisation, especially at the moment is a mega no brainer like fr give the homies their medication, grow the economy back up, there's literally no downside

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