Does MARIJUANA Make You a More Creative Artist?

My thoughts on using legal recreational marijuana to enhance the artistic process. I’ll discuss some of the common misconceptions and explain the benefits …


  1. I have been in a profession requiring creativity for 30 years. On too many occasions to count I have been inspired with some of my best most enduring ideas and insights while high. But my profession also involves detailed work with a hundreds steps that can't be missed. There's no way I can do that high. My work involves writing and I've written some of my best stuff high. When I go back not high it needs a lot of work. Especially on things like grammar, spelling, etc. But the overall idea turns out frequently to be really great. I'd love to see some actual science.

  2. I love drumming, gardening, sketching and painting on my cintiq 24, hiking, listening to music, and even reading after I've smoked a little herb. And i gain insight into my girlfriend's autistic son. Used responsibly, herb is an amazing, mind activating plant.

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