Dr. Reeferalz | Best MMJ Doctor in Tempe AZ – Phoenix | Medical Marijuana Doctor

Dr. Reeferalz is The Best “MMJ Doctor in Tempe AZ.” 480.968.4208 | 930 W. Broadway Rd. #3 Tempe AZ. 85282 See map in video for further directions.


  1. Best "MMJ Doctors in Tempe" & Phoenix | Medical
    Marijuana Dr. Clinic Mesa – Scottsdale Arizona….

    Dr. Reeferalz located at 930 W. Broadway Road Tempe
    AZ.  480.968.4208  is the Best MMJ Doctor in Tempe
    and Phoenix and Mesa and Scottsdale Arizona… come
    down to our office to get legal and pick up your Medical
    Marijuana green card …. certification … and evaluation
    for licensing for "care giver" licenses and finger printing…

    Paid referals for other pot patients coming to see our
    pot doctors (weed doctors) One hundred per cent privacy
    and confidentiality – No records and no problems – we
    serve all patients over eighteen years old with valid
    identification … No hidden fees and we will upload all
    State Forms and provide education on all the benefits
    of Medical Marijuana …Walk ins are welcome of course…
    we are compliant with all Medical Marijuana Laws in the
    State of Arizona… we are the Best, fastest and most
    professional MMJ Doctor Clinic in Tempe Az. … so call
    or come to our office for the cheapest "renewals" in the
    Valley of the Sun and we can make a big difference in
    someone's life… helping to cope with pain from migraines,
    cancer, arthritis, aids, anorexia, and even problems such as
    glaucoma and other issues… we provide a stress free
    environment for positive people where patients in need
    of Medical Marijuana can receive a cost effective expert
    evaluation by a licensed medical professional.. we understand
    that you need assistance with everything regarding your
    pain management program and using canabis as an alternative
    therapeutic treatment thus allowing you , the patient , to make
    a well informed decision… Dr. Reeferalz is staffed with experienced
    and expertly trained professional Doctors in the areas of alternative
    health treatments… And our support staff will assist you throughout
    the entire certification process…. Make an appointment for an
    evaluation and we look forward to helping you live a pain free
    life!!   View our YouTube video at:

    Dr. Reeferalz | Best MMJ Doctor in Tempe AZ – Phoenix | Medical Marijuana Doctor

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